HDMI Mai drilling | M6 hard disk HD player U disk Video 1080P TV AV VGA monitor fiber 5.1

HDMI Mai drilling | M6 hard disk HD player U disk Video 1080P TV AV VGA monitor fiber 5.1

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Mai drilling M6
  • Brand: Mai drill
  • Model: M6
  • Package Type: Package A Package II Package III Package IV The official standard
  • color: black
  • Supported formats: H.265 DivX MPEG4 MPEG2 MPEG1 Xvid DAT AVI VOB RM RMVB MP3 WMA APE OGG MKV
  • Storage: Stored plug
  • Output resolution: 1920x1080
  • Player Category: Hard disk player
  • Subtitle Format: ASS SMI SRT LRC SUB ssa PGS
  • Dimensions: 110x70x22mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Interface Type: HDMI AV USB Fiber

The bright spot is more 5.1 optical audio output Also supports vga hdmi av output, the back wall hole, easy installation.

M6 master chip introduced:

Mai drilling M6 F10 all-chi master chip, the hard disk industry mainstream, stable chip, its comprehensive capabilities, far more than in the F-Series F16. Chi F16 main chip can not solve the ISO, nor with HMDI interface, the output is also not up to 1080P, 720P, decoding capabilities also significantly weaker than the F10, the cost should be lower than the F16, electronic products, a penny, a half a point.

Buy M6, choose whole core F10 chip, enabling strong decoding, HDMI output, 1080P output, the 1080P, buy HD, one step.

M6 features selling points:

1, a variety of interfaces for several purposes: Available red and yellow AV cable connected RCT big ass old TV; available VGA cable connected monitor, projector (suitable for showrooms, hotels, advertising companies, etc.)

2, start to play automatically feature: Power that can be set to boot automatically loop (video, music, pictures are optional), support the 24-hour cycle playback.

3, breakpoint memory playback: With the breakpoint memory function; During playback, you can fast-forward times 2/4/8/16/32; an optional play, want to see what we chose.
4, when the broadcast image background music: When playing pictures, press the OSD button, insert background music (music and pictures to put in the same folder)
5, it can be used on cars to play: Can be used in automobiles (cars must have a 12V turn 220V inverter), step drills products in the 'car home' website, by multiple users, made plans recommended.
6, mainstream format easily decode: Currently 1080P mainstream format, respectively, MKV, TS, Blu-ray, are easily decoded, satisfactory results facie many users reviews, that is known.
7, the mainstream chip HDMI HD: All-Chi F10 chip, mainstream, decoding capabilities, quality, are stronger than the F16, HDMI high-definition output up to 1080P.
8Audio output 5.1 channel optical audio output.
9, the new features can be wall
Package description:
Standard: Player + Remote + Power + av cable + manual
Package: Standard + hdmi high-definition cable
Package II: Standard line + + vga adapter
Package three: Standard + DC power cable (for car USB power supply)
Package IV: Standard + vehicle transformer (for car cigarette lighter power supply)

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My TV is XXX, choose what package it?
You look at what is behind your TV free port, buy the appropriate package with wire, old TV and color monitors generally are av vga HDTV is HDMI,, av 480p output color component output 720phdmi output 1080p, try to have hdmi port election hdmi, If you do not understand you can take pictures to see customer service, so that customer service is determined.
Some support what format it?
The vast majority of formats are supported on the network, support for 1080p full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, MKV, TS, M2TS, MTS, TP, TRP, WMV, IFO, ISO, VOB, DAT, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, RM , RMVB, DIVX, XVID, FLVVCD CD and DVD files, etc. can be the perfect support.
You can take a look at our video presentation are clear blue smooth playback
Download recommended the following website video movie MTV:
Popular files larger more clear! Http://www.funshion.com/download/?alliance_id=59562
All TV http://www.yyets.com/
Awakening subtitle http://www.awaker.net/
Pig subtitles http://www.jumpcn.com/
Gods subtitles http://www.kamigami.org/forum.php
MTV download http://www.hdmv.cc/forum.php
How do I set boot automatically play it?
1 video on u root directory, not on the folder inside
2 Set which set boot automatically play the video. It later after plugged in will automatically start playing each cycle for advertising and image playback
How long is the warranty, 7 days no reason to support it?
Year warranty, you are assured that there is a problem to me, the quality of our products we are very confident
You check seven days, if there are quality problems, we are committed to shipping new machine quality is very good indeed almost no rework, also support seven days no reason to return.
How much support U disk and removable hard disk it?
U disk or memory card support 64GB, removable hard disk support 3000gb 3TB,
This is not a built-in memory, you want to bring their own U disk or removable hard disk to store movies SD video, or image music player plugged into the machine
How to install it?
This pulled the bottom of the page, there are specific installation steps, pro remember about this collection oh baby, easy to installation,

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Please note that the car used by friends

Whether in your car to use, consider the following conditions:
1. Make sure you have extra car cigarette lighter port
2. You must make sure your car's power supply is 12V (24V not supported)
3. must determine av yellow and red input jack on your in-car navigation
4. Some will automatically cut off after imported cars start av input video drivers for safe driving without distraction, this is a very small car, so the need to identify yourself, ask riders or Forum
5.Must purchase shop inverter will convert a family car 12v power 220V selected: (standard + 12V car inverter)
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The new models can be upgraded asAdvertising Player , Plug in the power loop automatically advertising, very worry. Oh settings need to set up inside.

The player can play your U disk or removable hard disk inside the SD video and output to your TV using a decoder chip, compatible with 99.9% of video on the network, support for 1080p, which is a resolution of 1920x1080dpi, pay attention to the DVD resolution to 720times;! 576dpi, too much clear than the DVD, you can search the Internet to download a few of MV 1080P surprise you to see the effect in cinema no longer have to spend money if you previously have!! DVD, you can cover on your computer system files to the hard disk, but also can be played on the player Oh! super bargain!

U disk support much?
A: 32GB

Mobile hard disk support much?
A: 2TB, namely 2000GB

To the quality of after-sales force, Found quality problems within 30 days, the shop bear the freight new ones, Support seven days no reason returned!

Standard: machine AV cable Remote control power supply manual

Useful sites:

Youku video download supports all the mainstream flv f4v

Download all popular video support, mainstream MP4

All TV downloaded video can support all mainstream rmvb mkv

Can be used for advertising player boot automatically play, loop.

Playback test:

Using synthetic wise F10 video decoding scheme may be perfect decoding 1080P HD video, up to 100M stream, supports 1920 * 1280 video playback. Here we choose mainstream TS, TP, M2TS, MKV, RMVB, AVI, WMV, etc. format to test their ability to decode and playback.

Our daily contact with many video formats are:. RMVB format at the expense of a small amount of such subtle movie quality situation limits the size of the compressed video, and finally have a near perfect close to genuine DVD quality audio and video effects, with the body ? furosemide black spot Huang Yu Lin Gui bath F? 'cost-effective' title became popular on the network video formats.

Test 1: "Transformers .RMVB": File Information: RV40 coding, 1024 * 576 resolution, bit rate 1849Kbps, frame rate: 23fps file size: 1.85GB Duration: 2 hours and 23 minutes, and smooth playback.

Test two: "geocentric Travels .RMVB": RV40 encoding, 1920*1080Resolution , Rate 1387Kbps, frame rate: 23fps file size:. 940MB Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes, smooth playback.

Commonly used online video popularity, but also to remove the more common format RMVB format, AVI, WMV and other video AVI is a wrapper, it can usually be few: Divx, H.264, MPEG, Xvid and so on.

"X-MEN.ts" file, 1920x1080Resolution , 29fps

Blu-ray disc of the original "Star Wars", M2TS format, 1080PResolution , 25fps, smooth playback, but not a key of the original disc player, can only choose BDMV, then enter the Blu-ray folder to select STEAM master M2TS file to play, this is due to the ability F10 decoding scheme.

"Red Cliff complete edition" package format MKV, 1920x1080, 9.8G file Playback is very smooth.

"Crouching Tiger", AVI package, 1920x744Resolution , VC-1 encoding, embedded Japanese subtitles, plug SRT Chinese subtitles, play perfectly smooth, I601 can also subtitles, the font can be enlarged 2X.

Test WMV package format, resolution1920x1044Choose a black and white video file to detect the machine's ability to restore the degree of color.

"The Italian mission" with a resolution of1280x744, RMVB compression format, smooth playback, and also tested 1920x1080 the RMVB format Also perfect support for RMVB format, it is also a basic pass to kill.

The main sources for the average user to download from the network, can be perfectly smooth playback H.264, MKV, AVI, RM / RMVB, VOB, DAT And other mainstream multi-format HD video, no color, no delays. Through our comparison test multiple solutions, entirely over than not support VC-1 encoded amlogic8626H master plan.

Pictures Music Beta

In addition to a powerful high-definition video playback capabilities, the ability to play music and pictures is also very powerful that it supports image formats:.. JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and other image formats JPG where no resolution limitations, theoretical support for all resolutions other image format support to 300 million pixels.

Support music: MP3, WMA, OGG, DTS, TFLAC, APE, AAC, AC3, ATRA, etc., including almost all music formats amazing is that it supports both lossless FLAC and APE music format music. aspects to meet the high quality music listening friends.

The default interface is left music album cover, embedded in the cover of the music can be normal cover, the right is with the rhythm of the music spectrum columnar view function, support for multiple repeat mode, support lyrics display, and you can set the color of the lyrics, the built-in there are eight kinds of sound modes, like this: bass, pop, rock and the like Xiao Bian sound mode switch several times, the effect is good, the gap significantly between the various modes, there is a certain taste.

installation steps

Buy back or the TV does not understand the installation image, please open this description, look here

Note: Do not av-use and HDMI cable are plugged in,

Av connections in step

1. Do not connect the player to the power!
2.av first plugged into the player av holes Connection Television red to red, white to white, yellow to yellow, make sure you put this on the television set is written input rather than output! This is very important!
3. TV turned on, set to the av channel (or press av signal source on the TV remote control, the TV may be different for each)
4. Plug in the power cord of the player, the player will light
5. If your TV at this time there is no display, press the CVBS button on the player remote control, if it is not displayed, switch the TV's video channel (you may have more than just a TV channel AV)


HDMI connection using step

1. Do not connect the player to the power!
2.HDMI first plugged into the player HDMI hole Connection Television HDMI hole.
3. TV turned on, the channel is set to HDMI (or press av signal source on the TV remote control, the TV may be different for each)
4. Plug in the power cord of the player, the player will be lit.
5. If your TV at this time there is no display, press the HDMI button on the player remote control, if it is not displayed, switch the TV's video channel (it may be more than your TV has only one HDMI channel)


Download TV shows, movies, animation, arts, education....
Recommended popular file larger more clear!

Tips, reading before you buy:

1. The baby must be a TV or USB hard disk and can only be used together, does not own the screen, comes with no memory. Please buy the wrong friends refund return shipping themselves, thank you!

2. Note that can not support the format: xv bhd qmv qsv kux Why? These are companies such as Fantastic Art, Thunder Storm dedicated video buffer can not be called format, this cache is encrypted, not in order to protect copyright piracy, there is no other player can support, even in on the computer, another player is unable to play! Players can not support more, please buyers before buying Note! If because of the problems return, please bear the return shipping, thanks

3. All advertising design video software directly exported video such as 3d max, premiere AE, VideoStudio video editing software and other exported video, as well as SLR cameras shoot video phones that may be compatible not perfect, please use format factory to convert it, what format can be easily exported.

4.f4v flv if this option is selected so as not to be too complicated coding formats may not be supported by the experience