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Car dragged three cigarette lighter with a usb car charger with a three multi-function car charger socket

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Product parameters:

  • Color Category: sky blue 'wireless models' rose red 'wireless models'
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Category: one points three
  • Brand: palm yet
  • Model: D18

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Navigation, recorder, electronic dog, purifier, lighting
A power port how enough?

There must be a point more than one cigarette lighter socket to meet the demand!

This product has three cigarette lighter jack at the same time to send a USB car charger

1. You can point inside the car from a cigarette expanded into three convenient access to electricity

2. Give a USB car charger, for PDA, ipad, gps and other equipment charging

3 cigarette lighter with insurance, you can protect the internal circuit, safe and convenient

A: cigarette lighter hole Does not apply to the original car cigarette butts Insert heating Cigarette lighter use, Suitable for plug-in car electronic products cigarette butts charge, power supply use.

2: This is a wireless Oh, as long as the car's original cigarette lighter interface can not be blocked around the live Oh, no longer have to drag the line dragged to the.

3: For all 12V car / suv / van, 24V large trucks can not be used! Maximum power of 100W, please use the electrical must be within the power range.