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Long Yun green level laser 2 line 3 line 5 line 1 point level instrument line instrument strong light outdoor playing line

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Long Yun
  • Model: LV-SPY-03
  • Item No .: SPY-03
  • Color Classification: Red 2-line strong standard with red light 3-line standard with strong red light 5-line standard with red light 2-line red light + tripod red light 3-line red + tripod red line 5 Light + tripod red 2-line 10 times strong red with 3-line 10 times the standard with red light 5-line 10 times the cursor with red 2-line 10 times the cursor + red light with tripod 3 10 times the line with the red light + tripod red line 5 times 10 times strong with the cursor + tripod green 2-line 10 times the standard with green light 3-line 10 times the green light with 5 lines 10 times strong Cursor with green 2-line 10 times light + tripod green 3-line 10 times light + tripod green 5-line 10 times light + tripod
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works