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Wigs natural wigs | short hair fluffy natural short curls in the elderly | middle-aged mother wig wigs

Wigs natural wigs | short hair fluffy natural short curls in the elderly | middle-aged mother wig wigs
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Youqi Z0515
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Wigs single product: Z0515
  • Color: Genuine hair - light chestnut model to wear color (to send five-piece) matte silk - natural black (to send five sets) matte silk - dark brown (send five-piece) real hair - Send five-piece) real hair - dark brown (to send five-piece)
  • Suitable for: middle-aged women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wig Liu Category: oblique bangs
  • Wig Hair Style: Short Straight Hair
  • Style: Business / OL

Delivery Time: 5 pm the day before the order issued the same day, after five orders issued the next day Oh!

Ps:The default pass-pass, you need to specify the courier pro-shot notes Oh.

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Light and breathable type Middle-aged mother Real hair wig

Dedicated to amiable, respectable, lovely people ~ ~ ~

Colour: Natural black, dark brown, light chestnut Style: Oblique bangs short curls

Material: Real hair, high-temperature wire imported matte Intranet: Comfortable breathable roses within the network

The main features of this baby are:

1: Breathable good (The use of high-quality real hair made as a result of different materials made of real close to the skin feel cool wearing wig guests will feel the feeling of Dongnuanxialiang) 2: High simulation (Real hair elasticity can be combed according to their face or blow out their hair for the random fluffy natural) 3: long life (This baby normal life of 3-6 years of good maintenance can make the hair more durable)

Shop all products are not satisfied with 7 days no reason to return, to not suitable for buyers a very good protection.

Model Wear: The following is the model wearing effect, each person's face shape, color, age and care methods are not the same, there will be another effect, but will be the same natural and realistic. (The following figure are the owner of the real shot, any person without consent shall not be misappropriated.)

Why choose real hair?

True hair is made of high quality girl hair, not knot In addition to raw materials but also deacidification, removal of hair phosphorus tablets, aging, dyeing, disinfection and other processes dozens of processes. Will not easily hair, hair root distinct, a comb in the end. True hair can be made for dyeable hot, casual shape, it is to accommodate you, do not need you to accommodate it. Real hair is not only durable, but also very realistic nature. Let you use the Shuxin, rest assured!

The new style, high-quality petal net design, skin-friendly edge design

soft Good elasticity is better to wear ventilation is not hot
Adjust the buckle production, can be adjusted to suit the size of each head type
Featured Quality girls real hair After 180 ° high temperature sterilization treatment more secure, rest assured

80%True hair hair +20%Imports of the perfect match with the production of stereotypes silk

Following the top of the heart real shot realistic simulation scalp to the top of the heart looks more real, natural

Even if close observation is not easy to see is wearing a wig Oh!

On the hair : This wig applies to any face, whether it is a round face, Oval face or large fat face to wear very beautiful!

Very suitable for the public face, from the details to the overall natural temperament for your full hairstyle, simple care, easy shape.

Light and comfortable, dynamic three-dimensional bangs, abundance of temples

Dynamic texture, so that hair looks more natural

Modified face so that mothers are more young~~~

Not to rush for the dear mother to take home the young!

'Tips': The first time wearing the pro who has no sense of security, you can turn the head hair up, and then hairpieces to wig the network, hair and real hair fixed together.

D: finishing wig

(1) short hair care: comb with a special hair comb hair wig, and then grasping a grasp, it becomes very natural and fresh. Remember that the hair volume position can not be used hair comb.

(3) Qi Liu Haigang will be easy to wear the forehead, you can use the tail-tail comb or fingers crossed into the middle of the bangs poke a stamp, more than two days to wear more natural

(4) oblique bangs: it is recommended 2/8 points, do not share too obvious.Often take care of fringe buyers after wearing a good wig, hand to catch out the points.

Liu general direction with the location, and then combing the surface with a special hair comb, so that is very natural and smooth.

Methods: Use a special hair comb to bangs forward to the front, the hand to be divided into the direction of the fringe into the arc, and then grab the top of the head Position, to fluffy natural, the effect is very significant.

Wear when the parents need more research, wigs are not plastic

Not just put up, and hair are needed to take care of themselves and finishing

We use the models without facial features to shoot the physical map of this hair, this style of wig for all groups.

Pictures taken by the proprietor of the pro-owners can rest assured to buy ~

Pictures are taken by the kind of WYSIWYG parents can rest assured to buy oh ~

Buyers must see :Really made to do when the need for uniform staining, it is inevitable that there are a few resistance to the white hair is not infected, because it will face resistance to resistance to white hair color is very difficult, so a few white hair is not good to avoid their own hands That a few white hair pulled out OK, this product is in high temperature special environment dyeing, so can not dye their own light yellow, but can do dark,

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