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Beauty hair is still true hair wigs | long hair female | make up the top cover white hair |

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Meiqi Shangpin
  • Brand: Mei Qi Shangpin
  • Wigs single product: 15930
  • Color Classification: 30cm Natural Color 30cm Dark Brown 35cm Natural Color 35cm Dark Brown 40cm Natural Color 40cm Dark Brown 45cm Natural Color 45cm Dark Brown 50cm Natural Color 50cm Dark Brown 60cm Natural Color 60cm Deep 70cm Natural color 70cm Dark brown 60cm Natural color (about 5 days scheduled) 70cm natural color (about 15 days scheduled) 60cm dark brown (about 5 days)
  • Hair material: real hair

Hand needle is a high-end technology, if less than 1000 or 1500, the pro can make a question mark, and some businesses estimated that even their hands are not clear what the bar, the customer remember, the needle must be Double layer, the needle in the two layers of the top surface of the silk with silk, looks like a super-skin. In the layer with a silk, with a comfortable, breathable, scalp Ye Hao, take care of beauty also pay attention to maintenance. If your head hair volume is scarce, the absence of hair must choose this top hair, With a very comfortable, casual points are scalp, a super good replacement, the specific content can refer to the video shop to explain Oh.