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Section IM SI-AS280FD fingerprint attendance / fingerprint, credit card multi-functional | genuine

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Product parameters:

  • Attendance machine brand: COMET / Section Mi
  • Section Mi Model: B315
  • Attendance type: fingerprint type
  • Color classification: SI-280FD fingerprint card attendance card-specific attendance card 50
  • Access authentication: fingerprint
  • After-sales service: Genius

Credit card schedule

Sunrise attendance schedule

Monthly attendance statistics

Day card card summary table

Exception card details


★ based on ARM Technical 32Bit microprocessor, larger capacity, faster, more expansion, can be stored 8Ten thousand records;

★ Chinese blue backlit LCD display; low power consumption long and durable

★ Chinese voice prompts;

★ widely used crowd: the use of super multi-dimensional fingerprint identification (Feature points and texture recognition )Fingerprints, fine-grained women, children's fingerprints, rough fingerprints and fingerprints for the elderly, such as fingerprints, to meet the requirements of a variety of fingerprints, 99%Of the population.

★ free routine maintenance:

Fingerprint identification will not be affected by changes in age, season, peeling, wound healing, etc., resulting in a decrease in recognition rate, resulting in a reduction of the recognition rate. To achieve a registration, life-long use.

Technical Parameters:

model 280FD

Core algorithm HAS 8.0

Rejection rate1%

Recognition rate0.0001%

Reaction time 1second

Matching method 1: N and1: 1

LCD display White on White (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean)

Keyboard style 4x4Backlit film touch button

verification method Fingerprint, password, proximity card

Fingerprint storage capacity 2000Gold

Manage recording capacity 1000Article

Recording capacity 50000Article

communication method RS232 / RS485TCP / IP

UDisk function Have

Chinese name display Have

Internal ringing Have

Backup function Have

Access Control Interface Simple access / Wiegand

Voltage input range DC 12V