SI-AS280FD Bureau of fingerprint attendance / fingerprint, card multifunction | Authentic

SI-AS280FD Bureau of fingerprint attendance / fingerprint, card multifunction | Authentic

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Attendance brand: COMET / COMET
  • Comet Model: B315
  • Attendance type: type fingerprint
  • Color Classification: SI-280FD Fingerprint Attendance Attendance card machine special 50
  • Access authentication method: Fingerprint
  • Service: Genius

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★ based ARM Technology 32Bit microprocessor, larger, faster, stronger expansion can be stored 8Million records;

★ Chinese blue backlit LCD; low power consumption long durability

★ Chinese voice prompts;

★ wide application of the crowd: The super multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition (Points of Interest and texture recognition )Technology to significantly improve the harsh environment of a variety of complex fingerprint recognition capabilities, including dirty, wet and dry fingerprints, fine women, children fingerprint, roughness and peeling old fingerprint injured fingerprints to meet 99%More people to use.

★ Free Routine maintenance:

A leading international fingerprint smart self-learning technology, fingerprint data intelligently supplement, repair, improve and update the fingerprint identification will not affect the future age, season, peeling, injury healing changes that lead to the recognition rate decrease repeated registration. realization of first registration, lifetime use.

Technical Parameters:

model 280FD

The core algorithm HAS 8.0


False Accept Rate0.0001%

Reaction time 1second

Than on the way 1: N and1: 1

LCD display Blue and white (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean)

Keyboard styles 4x4Backlit film touch buttons

verification method Fingerprint, password, card

Fingerprint storage capacity 2000Gold

Records Management Capacity 1000Article

Recording capacity 50000Article

communication method RS232 / RS485TCP / IP

UDisk function Have

Chinese Name Display Have

Internal Bell Have

Backup power function Have

Access Control Interface Simple Access / Wiegand

Input voltage range DC 12V