Yuan Fei | template | repeated use can mask holder 10g

Yuan Fei | template | repeated use can mask holder 10g

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Category: Eye care mask care mask a Whitening Capsule
  • Beauty Tools varieties: Other / other
  • Brand: Yuan Fei
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: the mask holder

High quality templates can be used repeatedly Masks Torr

DIY mask making ecologically pure essential quality care mask template can be used repeatedly oh ~~~~~~~

DIY a good tool for all types of mask drops ~ ~ template mask seaweed mask / stencil Crystal Mask ~

Are you still bothered to do ah seaweed mask

D I Y mask, then drop a lot of things, how to cover his face, ah, a block coated with a little brush,

Oh, not easy to get open

You will get the full hand film membrane water


O H, no, babes teach you the easiest trick, stencil mask, super-simple. Super easy drop good tool!!!

Now the crystal surface template is the best tool to do seaweed mask

1. Prepare a clean cup or bowl special mask, a stirring spoon, crystal surface template
2, was added in small bowl mask powder, seaweed powder or added to your small drops of different formulations (eg Zhaogui Juice matter, rose dew friends, friends love Za Za oil drops) was then added little hot water dispenser, or pot of boiling water
3, mask powder or seaweed fully absorb moisture
4, etc. 2 minutes
5. Pour the diaphragm.

6, clean face, after cooling the molded mask over posts in the face, stay 10-20 minutes or more.

Mask drops themselves, themselves, think how to match with how soon your skin Huanxinya ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Using Method (2):

1. Prepare a clean cup or bowl mask, a stirring spoon, mask care

2, open the capsule membrane crystal powder into the bowl;

3, added 70 ~~ 80ml boiling water, stir in a clockwise direction;

4, the temperature dropped from 30 degrees to 40 degrees (hand feel a little warm on the line), then you can add stuff according to individual needs, such as red wine (^ _ ^, if plus wine shop polyphenol, five drops like), milk or friends, friends fruit juice, vegetable juice extracts, etc. and various friends add 3-5ml on the line, then stir;

5. Pour the diaphragm, forming natural cooling.

6. Clean the face, the mask is removed from the diaphragm spreads in the face, can be removed after 20 minutes.

Friendly reminder:

1, Every time the production is best to use two capsules, so the mask is not easy to make a rotten, what to save, then run out and put the device back to the template, sealed with plastic bags in the refrigerator, next with time, to use the other side did not used to attaining. owner has tried, with four times the continuous and still effective (hee hee, but four times in a row to spend, that is kind of what ... ...).

2, Do not stand this crystal mask attached to the face in the mirror, hey, it will be very easy to fall off, lay it flat to stick to the face, Oh, if there are people to help the best.