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Yuan Fei | template | can be used repeatedly mask 10g

Yuan Fei | template | can be used repeatedly mask 10g
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  • Color classification: mask care eye mask care capsule a whitening moisturizing
  • Beauty Tools Variety: Other / other
  • Brand: Yuan Fei
  • Makeup / beauty tools single product: mask care

High quality templates can be used repeatedly with mask ophthalmic care

DIY made mask necessary template can be used repeatedly mask care Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DIY all kinds of mask drops a good tool ~ mask template ~ seaweed mask / crystal mask ~ template

Are you still having trouble doing algae mask?

D I Y mask, then a lot of drops of things, how to cover the face ah, a block painted, a little brush,

Are not easy to take the open Oh

But also get full of membrane water


O H, no, pretty girl to teach you the easiest trick, mask template

Now this crystal face template is made of algae mask tool

1, prepare a small bowl or a small bowl to do a special mask, a stirring spoon, crystal face template
2, in the small bowl by adding mask powder, or seaweed powder and then add you to drop a small recipe (such as Zhaogui fresh juice, rose dew, essential oil friends ye ye drop) and then add a little water dispenser hot water, or The water in the thermos bottle
3, so that mask powder or seaweed full absorption of water
4, wait 2 minutes later
5, into the membrane board.

6, clean the face, the cooling after the formation of the mask deposited in the face, stay 10-20 minutes or more.

Their own drops of the mask, their own masters, like how to match with how, immediately your skin for fresh Yan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Use method (2):

1, prepare a clean cup or mask bowl, a stir spoon, mask care

2, open the capsule to the crystal film into the bowl;

3, add 70 ~ ~ 80ml water, according to the clockwise direction of mixing evenly;

4, to be reduced to 30 degrees to 40 degrees when the temperature (hand feel a little warm on the line), then, you can add the individual needs, such as red wine (^ _ ^, if the shop plus red wine Polyphenols, five drops like), or milk friends, fruit juice, vegetable juice and a variety of extracts, etc. Add 3-5ml on the line, and then stir even;

5, into the membrane board, after cooling the natural forming.

6, clean the face, the mask removed from the film in the face, 20 minutes after the removal can be.

Friendly reminder:

1, Each time the production is best to use two capsules, so that the mask is not easy to rotten, to save some of the words, run out and installed back to the template, sealed with a fresh bag into the refrigerator, the next With the other side has not used to attain the face of the owner had tried, the four consecutive still have the same effect (hee hee, but the use of four times, is a little what that ... ...).

2, This crystal mask can not stand on the mirror attached to the face, hey hey, it will be easy to fall off, to lie down to it to the face paste, Oh, if there is a personal help on the best.