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HD video camera | anchor beautiful desktop computer home with a microphone microphone night vision

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: X-Lswab / glare M800
  • Appearance: other / other
  • Need to drive: need to drive
  • Color classification: white and black
  • Pixels: 8 million
  • Condition: New
  • Additional features: built-in microphone night vision
  • Brand: X-Lswab / glare
  • Model: M800

Buy a high-end camera You will enjoy high-quality high-definition video and clear call happy process, buy low-end Zapai camera can not achieve a clear effect how to do?

Choose a good camera is equivalent to three years you enjoy a good product and the effect of three years of quality service

Ps: special effects function to the instructions written on the website under the special effects software installation can be used.

Camera use Tips:

1. Due to transportation reasons, the focal length of your camera may change, resulting in the image is not clear, turn the lens focus ring to adjust the clarity.
2. Video effects and light environment has a great relationship Oh ~ especially backlight, side light, dark light conditions such as video is not ideal.Through adjusting the angle, turn on the light to achieve the best results!
3. In a bad light environment, if you do not want to turn on the lights, it is recommended to open the browser, my computer and other white background, the video effect can be more perfect.
4.QQ video effect is not as good as the local video effect of good reasons: because the current domestic bandwidth reasons, any video communication software for video transmission to smooth, will compress the video stream. And the camera hardware does not matter.
QQ video settings are as follows: