Simple 2016 Spring and Autumn new A short skirt child skirt child package hip skirt PU leather skirt waist step skirt winter

Simple 2016 Spring and Autumn new A short skirt child skirt child package hip skirt PU leather skirt waist step skirt winter

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Profile: A type
  • Material composition: PU
  • Waist type: high waist
  • Sales Channel Type: pure electricity providers (only online sales)
  • Product Number: JS15B018
  • Style: wild
  • Brand: Jane set
  • Skirt type: A word skirt
  • Skirt Length: Skirt
  • pattern: plain
  • Popular element / craft: zipper
  • Fabric: Other
  • Material: Others
  • Component content: 95% or more
  • Applicable age: 18-24 years of age
  • Year Season: Fall 2015
  • Black A word false pocket (lined with skirt style) Black A word false pocket (lined security pants type) Black A word true pocket (lined with skirt type) Black A word real pocket (lined with safety pants) (With inner pants) Smoke gray A word True pockets (lined with skirt) Smoke gray A word True pocket (lined with safety pants) Package hip hip shorts pants really pocket
  • Size: XXS XS S M L XL

In order to avoid the double 11 logistics peak, we Ahead of time Activity Price: Now is the price of 49.9 yuan pairs of 11 Oh!

Store truth:

This leather skirt sales of over 20,000, and rave reviews, we can only thank those who give us a good buyer of our power!

Our quality, as always, ZAR (A) has done for the 5 factory, the quality of our self-confidence, fabrics and brand suppliers are a take. Will not crack, do not peel, washing machine wash.

I do not and those small sellers to fight the price, do not go to praise to find ways to do more than 10,000 of our evaluation is not someone else can do fake out! Look at the evaluation, More than 10,000 The reviews always have the information you want.

note: Fake pocket ordinary waist is not tight behind Oh! Lining is also a skirt style, shorter than the outer leather, please press your needs to choose Oh!

note: The newly added fake pocket (lined with pants version) is added after the elastic, you can have a size error , But also easy to squat! Do not belly full, you can also clip the jacket of different thickness The following figure reference,
Do not like tight, you can turn over to cut, elastic on the inside, play the role of waist shape!

note:True pocket skirts are not tight Oh!

Size is too large a yard stretch is the A skirt recommended selection of small yards

Try on experience: Xiaoying: 155cm 92 pounds to wear XS bag hip S loose point

Xiao Li: 163cm 109 pounds wearing S fit

Xiaoqi: 168cm 119 pounds wear M fit

White: 158 126 pounds wear L fit

Xiaoyun: 163cm 135 pounds to wear XL fit is not tight

The back of a lint and lined warm good! For spring and autumn and winter wear Oh!

True pocket smoke gray!