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CEN · GRAND / Century Gray 5i-380k true 4K HD hard disk player SIGMA8757

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: CEN · GRAND / Century Gray 5i -...
  • Brand: CEN · GRAND / Century Gray
  • Model: 5i-380K
  • Package type: official standard
  • Chip brand: sigma sigma
  • Color classification: 380k rose + sigma8757 true 4k player 380k champagne gold + sigma8757 true 4k player 380k sapphire blue + sigma8757 true 4k player
  • Storage: plug-in storage
  • Output resolution: 3840x2160
  • Player Category: hard disk player
  • Subtitle format: SMI SRT LRC txt SUB ssa PGS
  • Weight: 1
  • Interface Type: Network Interface HDMI Fiber Coaxial Component Audio

Century Gray 5i-380k Sigma 8757 True 4K solution Case, support H.265 new three-color optional!

380k is the current high-definition audio and video one machine, is also widely used throughout the 4K demonstration sites models, video enthusiasts love the machine, with the popularity of 4K video, player system version is also constantly upgrading!

Recent upgrades The system version optimizes the following key points:

1. R / L output without music when playing music;

2. Resolved the HDMI output, play music does not support 48K sampling, 176.4k has a great noise problem;

3. Solve the problem of 3D effect without 3D effect in some equipment environment;

4, after testing, this version of the upgrade software can solve 90% of customers before the problem!

The system version will continue to improve the optimization and upgrading, please pay attention to the official website, or customer service has been purchased not upgraded customers can go directly to the Century Gray official website to download the upgrade can be!

5i-380K Functional performance description and technical parameters

one, Century Gray 5i-380K Is a new generation of very clear player, it uses the United States Sigma designs New high-end video playback solution Smp8757, It gives you a feast for the visual enjoyment.Sigma video technology has always been rich and delicate picture quality, strong sense of simulation and stable industry leader, its outstanding quality is the market all the Andrews playback box can not be compared!

Second, the century Gray is a high-definition industry with strong hardware development capabilities of the enterprise, first-class video program +Excellent hardware technology, 5i-390K Can be described as audio and video are higher than similar products, you set up high-end home audio and video entertainment center of choice.

Third, the main function

stand by 3840*2160 30POutput

stand by H.265 / 264 10BIT stand by3D

Next-generation audio Dobly True HD / DTS Master Source output

Gigabit Ethernet /stand by NAS / SAMBA LAN play

double USB2.0interface

HDMI 1.4a /optical fiber /Coaxial / AV Composite video output interface

R / L Audio analog output interface

four, Performance parameters

power supply: AC100-250V 50-60HZ

File system: NTFS , FAT32, EXT2, EXT3

audio format : WAV , FLAC , DTSCD , WMA , AAC,

AC3, OGG , MP3 (APE Subsequent firmware upgrades are supported)

Video format : AVI , DIVX , XVID , MKV , MOV , MP4, FLV


Image Format : JPG , BMP , GIF , PNG

Subtitle format : SRT , SUB + IDX , PGS

Audio support :High support 24BIT / 192KHZ

weight : 2.3KG