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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: silica gel
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color drawing: sweet leopard '5.5 drawing new smoking girl' 5.5 drawing new strawberry rabbit '5.5 drawing new gestures' 5.5 drawing new fruit girl '5.5 drawing new small watermelon' 5.5 drawing new sweet leopard '5.5 drawing bottle small new' 5.5 Brushed New Pink Leopard '5.5 Drawing New Cute White Rabbit' 5.5 Drawing New Color Diamonds '5.5 Drawing New Color Square' 5.5 Drawing New Lazy Bone '5.5 Drawing New Growing Meng Chicken' 5.5 Drawing Kissing Girl '5.5 Drawing New Watermelon' 5.5 Brushed new sleep Meng chicken '5.5 brushed new
  • Style: cartoon
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone6 ​​plus
  • Brand: Arsenal
  • Model: 5.5 second generation drawing silicone shell

Super soft silicone TPU material.Super-Meng.

Lovely High!

Transparent drawing texture, metal texture + soft care + transparent material, so you keep the rate of surge!

No longer do monotonous fruit powder family ~

Come to grab Xiao Xin home. Transparent series!


Xiao Xin home new drawing texture transparent silicone shell!

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