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WIFI Wireless Switch Controller | WIFI Remote Switch | WIFI Switch Module USR-WM1s

WIFI Wireless Switch Controller | WIFI Remote Switch | WIFI Switch Module USR-WM1s
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Product parameters:

  • Line length: 2m


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Product Model: USR-WM1s

Functional Description: USR-WM1 is a project-level WIFI intelligent switch, remote control relay switch. This product is a control system, support through the control of Po software to achieve local area network or remote control relay switch, and support through the built-in or external key control.

Applications: energy management, intelligent home, industrial automation, agricultural networking, power control, security control and so on.

Control the advantages of the system:

  • Convenient remote control: As long as the registration control account and account and account binding! No need to apply for dynamic domain name and router port mapping.
  • No host, dynamic: Use the system do not have to buy the host, you only need to buy a single product can support the control system can be, if the increase in the latter part of the demand, as long as the new equipment bound to control the account under the account, with how much to buy, easy to expand and save money.
  • All application environment: Whether it is used in the wired network, wireless WIFI environment, or in the field without network environment (using GPRS), control treasure have mature products!
  • Five platform control: System support has been supporting windows, MAC OS, IOS, Android, web, five platform control;
  • Support secondary development: The system is open secondary development interface, the development of the user can do their own mobile phone or computer-side program control;
  • Multiple security verification: Remote control and LAN control are password verification, to ensure system security!

Fast control experience, timing control, accurate feedback control information, etc., control too much advantage can not enumerate, buy a product experience about it!

Relay type Normally open / normally closed contact
Mechanical size 85 * 45 * 23 (mm) (L × W × H)
Operating Voltage DC 5V or DC 6 ~ 24V ( Voltage: DC 12V or AC 110 ~ 220V)
Standby power consumption 2W / maximum power consumption: 3W
Operating temperature -30 ~ 85 ° C
Save the temperature -40 to 85 ° C
Save humidity 5% to 95% RH
Single maximum voltage / current AC 250V / 10A
Output the maximum power 2200W

As shown in FIG:

1.USR-WM1s can be DC 5V or DC 6 ~ 24V power supply; ( Voltage: DC 12V or AC 110 ~ 220V )

2. Relays are normally open normally closed contact, the user can choose to use according to their needs;

3. reserved for external key interface, the external key and WM1 comes with the same key function, the user is not convenient to use WM1 comes with keys, you can access the external button to use;

USR-WIFI232-T Module Lynx Links:

Mobile phone software, support IOS, Andrews.

Computer software: support windows, Mac OS

1, DIY users use :
Will be installed in the chandelier WM1, door locks, distribution boxes and other places, with the control of the existing software can be intelligent home experience.
2, Engineering application:
WM1 suitable for any need to control the switch of the project, the use of mature control treasure architecture to customize, you can quickly achieve the project needs!
Such as: barrier control, shutter door control, energy management, industrial automation and control, power control and so on.
3, Manufacturers cooperation:
Manufacturers can be directly within the WM1 core module embedded in the product, the use of existing control Po system can immediately achieve intelligent control!

Such as: chandeliers, electric curtains, building hosts, small appliances and so on.

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