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'Baoding Lange' | BT100-2J Standard Precision Peristaltic Pump | Laboratory Constant Current Pump | Pump Head / Accessories

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Lange
  • Model: BT100-2J
  • Item No .: BT100-2J
  • DG15-24 DG15-28 BT100-2J (drive only) DG-2 (6 rollers) DG-2 (10 rollers) DG15-24 DG15-28 BT100-2J (only drive) YZ1515X Only pump head) YZ2515X (pump head only) YZII15 (pump head only) BZ15-13-D (pump head only) Peristaltic pump Foot switch: jk-3
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

Baoding Lange BT100-2J Precision Peristaltic Pump

BT100-2J peristaltic pump is mainly used in the laboratory, the most common basic model. BT100-2J peristaltic pump can be installed a variety of pump head, can provide 0.002 to 380 ml / min (Single tube) flow rate.Transmission speed can be adjusted manually, but also through the external control interface for automatic control.The small peristaltic pump has a power-down memory function, easy to operate and intuitive.

BT100-2J Features:
BT100-2J precision peristaltic pump can be installed a variety of pump: YZ1515x, YZ2515x, YZ Ⅱ15, YZ Ⅱ 25, DG-1, DG-2
MAX Key: Fill Emptying (Full Speed)
Speed ​​control (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-10KHz optional) Speed ​​can be manually adjusted, can also be controlled through the external control interface Power-down memory function: external control function: start and stop control, direction control, After re-power, according to the last state when the power-down work
Communication: RS485 communication with a good cost-effective is not suitable for outdoor use

driver Applicable pump head Applicable hoses Maximum reference flow (ml / min) Weight (kg)
BT100-2J YZ1515X YZII15 13# 6.3 2.7
14# 25
19# 41.6
16# 76.6
25# 160
17# 266.7
18# 380
YZ2515X YZII25 15# 160
24# 266.7
DG- (1, 2) 6 wheel 0.5*0.8 2 (single channel) 2.5-2.6
1*1 8 (single channel)
2.4*0.8 22 (single channel)
2*1 28 (single channel)
3*1 48 (single channel)
DG- (1, 2) 10 wheel 0.5*0.8 1.5 (single channel)
1*1 6 (single channel)
2.4*0.8 18 (single channel)
2*1 22 (single channel)
3*1 32 (single channel)
DG15-24 16# 81.7 (single channel) 3.1
25# 191.7 (single channel)
17# 300 (single channel)
DG15-28 0.5*0.8 2 (single channel) 3
1*1 10 (single channel)
2.4*0.8 35 (single channel)
2*1 40 (single channel)
3*1 75 (single channel)

Peristaltic pump accessories
Assembling the controller FK-1C It is suitable for timing start and stop control of basic peristaltic pump
Foot switch A variety of control modes, foot control peristaltic pump start and stop
Fittings (small) Applicable hose diameter 1/16 '- 1/2', straight-through, 'Y' type, variable-type
Fittings (Big) Applicable hose diameter 5/8 '- 1', straight-through, 'Y' type, variable-type
External control module ① 0-5V for 0-5V external signal control peristaltic pump drive speed
② 0-10V for 0-10V external signal control peristaltic pump drive speed
③ 4-20mA for 4-20mA external signal control peristaltic pump drive speed
④ 0-10kHz for 0-10kHz external signal control peristaltic pump drive speed
⑤ RS485 for external signal control peristaltic pump RS485 driver

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