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Jingdezhen ceramic water points peach three - piece vases modern fashion furniture living room crafts Decoration

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Hong Xuan
  • Three-piece sets of three-piece sets of three sets of water (three bottles of water bottles, fish tail) ) Three-piece snow three-piece set to three-piece set of three-piece set of flowers and trees in the next month (celestial, melon) River Hill trip three-piece set Yishanbangshui settlements (tours bottles, fish The end of the three sets of mountains and rivers water color (fish tail, bottles) more than three sets each year Ruixue three sets of new rich three-piece set of three-piece sets of mountains and rivers three-piece set of ink and all- Figure three-piece sets
  • Flower type: table vase
  • Item No .: HX-01127
  • Material: Ceramics
  • Style: Modern Chinese