Ge Liner 40.5 49 52 58 62 67 72 77mm close-up lens +2 +4 +8 size macro lens shot

Ge Liner 40.5 49 52 58 62 67 72 77mm close-up lens +2 +4 +8 size macro lens shot

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Bayonet size: 40.5mm 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm
  • Brand: Green, L / Ge Liner
  • Model: 67mm close-up lens
  • Filter Type: close-up lens
  • Color Classification: close-up lens +4 +8 +2 close-up lens close-up lens

In fact, a magnifying glass, can increase the magnification of the object, more suitable for shooting small plants and flowers or insects (these are common shooting subjects while traveling), are generally +1, +2, +4, such as different magnifications, the photographer should according to their subject matter and camera shooting judge, but I suggested that the choice should be moderate magnification, the magnification is too large because there will be side effects, such as focusing distance is reduced or lower quality, etc., probably because of shallow depth of field and makes shooting objects over blur, but adversely affect the photo quality and performance. Overall, close-up lens is a micro-camera lens.

General digital cameras have wide-angle end macro, telephoto end is not, (the telephoto end of shooting distance also near 0. 6-1m), with a close-up lens, the telephoto end shooting distance can be greatly shortened, +4 # close-up lens <= 250mm.

Close-up lens easy to use, cost low close and macro photography, macro lens zoom quality is not inferior, but the general requirements have been met, and a high price.
After the general close-up lens is a concave crescent lordosis positive lens. + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 diopters, said +1 focal length 1000mm, +2 of 500mm, +3 of 333mm, +4 of 250mm. Camera shooting a close-up lens ipsilateral objects into the virtual image, virtual image upright than the original image and the large (and, like a magnifying glass effect), the virtual image of the camera is a virtual object, the virtual camera is the real image object. thus to see, in fact, than the original image taken without close-up lens is large, and the shooting distance is very short, for example, +4 close-up lens, shooting distance <= 250mm, in fact, when the shooting distance is 250mm, the focal length of the camera at infinity far!! when the camera focal narrowing shooting distance will be shortened, large magnification.
Close-up from the table and can provide amplification coefficient table and shooting depth of field table.
Plus front-end digital camera close-up shots of flowers, insects, or the remake of documents, graphics, etc. Good shooting, amplified, due to the natural structure of close-up lens, edge sharpness will be somewhat less certain and have a slight image distortion. But the basic image no change does not affect the overall results. after adding the mirror does not affect the amount of exposure, but the depth of field shortened steady when shooting with a tripod.