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DDG-A electrical contact power composite grease | conductive paste | 100 grams of packaging

DDG-A electrical contact power composite grease | conductive paste | 100 grams of packaging
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jitai
  • Model: DDG-A 100G

It is widely used in the connection of two conductors of high and low voltage electrical appliances. It is applied to AC / DC conductive row, bus bar, wire and cable, electric wire and cable and so on. It is a kind of high- The corrosion resistance of electrical equipment, transformers, power stations, isolation gas, water, steam and other corrosive gases into the line equipment contacts, to prevent surface oxidation, electrochemical, significantly reduce the junction resistance (by not coated 25% -90%), reduce the connection Temperature rise (25% -70% lower than that of non-coating), the equipment can be safe to run, saving the loss of active energy, to prevent equipment aging, reduce maintenance, extended equipment life, improve equipment reliability, safety Have a great social and economic benefits.

Highly efficient electrical contact conductive paste

Function: It is used for connection of various high-voltage, low-voltage and direct-current conductors to prevent galvanic corrosion of contact surface, reduce temperature rise and active energy loss, make equipment safe, prevent aging, reduce maintenance, Of the reliability, security.

Product Features:

  • Lower temperature rise, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, acid mist, and chemical corrosion
  • Anti-low temperature, anti-oxidation, anti-fungal, high conductivity
  • The metal material is not corrosive, long service life
  • Applicable to different environments, outdoor, hot and humid, cold, and contain chemical corrosive gases and other harsh environments, Such as electroplating, electrolysis, chemicals, pesticides, ships, copper and aluminum smelting, iron and steel metallurgy and other industries
  • The product is non-toxic, tasteless, not irritating to the skin, non-flammable, general goods can be transported.

According to the provisions of relevant state departments (abstract)

National standard GBJ149-60 "electrical installation installation bus installation and acceptance of the provisions of the provisions of Article 2` 3 `2 'bus contact surface after processing must be kept clean and coated with electrical composite grease (conductive paste).

The national standard GBJ233-90 "110-500KV overhead power line construction and acceptance requirements".

The connecting wire should be coated with conductive paste.

Instructions for use:
1) in the coating, the working environment should be no dust flying Yang, no condensation and keep dry.
2) Conductor connection, the application of emery cloth, wire sorrow to clean, clear contact with burr, pitting, oil and oxide.
3) After treatment, evenly contact the surface coated with a thin layer of conductive paste; the two conductors overlap. Tighten the nut, crimping or splicing good.
4) coating tools to clean, tighten, compacted after a small amount of paste from the edge without squeezing out, can be used to seal the gap, better protection of the contact surface

(Note: This product is not directly used as conductive, not as an electronic, and directly replace the cable connection purposes, there are buyers to buy a similar remote control conductive contact with conductive paste, not the goods)

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