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Huan dream | car inflatable pump | high-power metal copper core | car tire pump | emergency pump

Huan dream | car inflatable pump | high-power metal copper core | car tire pump | emergency pump
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xuan dream
  • Model: dqb-003
  • Color Classification: booster pump upgrade version of a single cylinder pump version of a pump version of the pump version
  • Weight: Others
  • Applicable objects: Bicycle tires Ordinary car tires Heavy duty truck tires
  • Equipment: Tire pressure table
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 130W

Instructions for use:
1, the inflatable hose at the top of the gas nozzle directly inserted in the tire valve, the air heard by the sound of tire leakage, said the air has flow, can tighten the gas nozzle, this time the air is no longer leak.
2, inflation, the instrument pointer with the tire saturation increased, when the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (general car tire pressure is 223kpa = 35PSI), remove the plug and gas nozzle, that is to complete the work.

1, when used, please start the car engine, enhance power, do not consume car battery power.
2, the machine limit the use of DC (DC12V 15A) power supply, can not use household high-voltage power supply,
3, inflatable, please work for 10 minutes in a row for cooling and rest, can extend the motor life. Inflatable inflatable boats, can work for 30 minutes
4, the general tires in the inflatable, about 2-3 minutes can reach 220KPA normal tire pressure. Large tires will be a little longer. Such as the beginning of inflation, the instrument pointer rapid rise, not only that the air is not filled into the tire, Must stop working, re-operation, otherwise, the instrument and the motor will be damaged.
5, use, people do not leave the body, always pay attention to tire pressure, not too saturated.
6, car cigarette lighter if not clean and not conductive, or fuse blown, the machine does not work, make sure the cigarette lighter conductive good