Porch dreams | Car air pump | High power copper-core | Car tire air compressors | Emergency pump

Porch dreams | Car air pump | High power copper-core | Car tire air compressors | Emergency pump

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xuan Dream
  • Model: dqb-003
  • Color Classification: Metal play pump air pump + hat + tire pressure gauge to the air pump an upgraded version of the single-cylinder two-cylinder version of the hit play pump air pump kit Kit Edition
  • Weight: Other
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Cylinder Specifications: Single Cylinder
  • Power: 130W

Instructions for use:
1, the inflation hose to the top of the gas nozzle directly inserted in the tire valve, hear the sound of air escaping from the tire, indicating that the air has been in circulation, the gas nozzle can be tightened when the air is no longer escape.
2, when inflated, the meter pointer with tires saturation level rise, when the pointer reaches the proper tire pressure (general car tire pressure for the 223kpa = 35PSI), remove the plug and gas mouth, to complete the work.

1, with time, please start the car engine, enhanced power, do not consume the car battery power.
2, the machine limit DC (DC12V 15A) power supply, do not use household voltage power supply
3, when inflated, in the continuous cooling for 10 minutes to rest, extended motor life. Dinghies inflated, can work for 30 minutes
4, General tires inflated, about 2-3 minutes can reach 220KPA normal tire pressure. Large tire is a little longer as start inflated, the meter pointer rapid increase in both the air and showing no charge into the tire, must be stopped, re-operation, otherwise, instrumentation and motor will be damaged.
5, when used, people do not leave the body, pay attention to tire pressure, not too saturated.
6, car cigarette lighter as unclean and not conductive, or fuse, the machine can not operate normally, make sure the cigarette lighter good conductivity