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You Sha makeup pad cotton 1000 | thin section thick cotton boxed disposable cleansing water

You Sha makeup pad cotton 1000 | thin section thick cotton boxed disposable cleansing water
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: You Sha makeup cotton 1000 combination
  • Color Classification: 70 hand-inserted cotton +60 piece double-sided sandwich cotton YV038 70 hand-inserted cotton +400 absorbent cotton thin cotton YV039 60 piece double-sided sandwich cotton + 400 natural thin cotton YV040 70 hand-inserted cotton (pink) +60 Piece double-sided sandwich cotton YV041 300 thin +50 thick white +50 thick pink YV014 60 double-sided sandwich cotton + 500 natural thin cotton YV042 160 piece double-sided thickening YV018 1000 thin YV013
  • Beauty Tools Category: facial beauty make-up appliances
  • Beauty Tools Category: cotton pad
  • Beauty tools varieties: cotton
  • Brand: You Sha
  • Name: 1000 pieces of cotton pad combination
  • Specifications Type: Normal Specification
  • Effect: other / other
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • made in China
  • Shelf life: 3 years

A variety of cotton use:


1, the cotton pad dipped in the amount of makeup products, gently deposited in the eye, lips and so on;
2, to be gradually faded after makeup, and then clean the product can be clean;

Skin care:

1, with the index finger grip cotton, dipped in moisturizing or whitening make-up water, gently pat on the face;
2, to be on the make - up water on the cotton pad is slowly absorbed after the face can be;

When unloading:
1, with a cotton pad dipped in the amount of nail polish, with the thumb and index finger to press in the fingers to go to nails;
2, stay a few seconds later, gently rub, nail polish disappeared;


1, parents who use the mesh surface should pay attention to the intensity, do not die Jin rubbing;
2, outside the cotton pad is very tough, but the pro can not pull dead pull strength, after all, cotton;
3, used cotton should be discarded, can not be put into the bag, otherwise pollute the other;
4, please put in dry place, after each use sealed outer bag, to maintain health!