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Notebook Sleeve Bag | Apple Dell Superbook Felt Computer Bag 11 / 13.3 / 14 inch / 15.6 inch

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Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: Art Gray 15.6-inch Please take 'other sizes' 'Do not shoot this'
  • Style: Notebook sleeve
  • Material: felt
  • Size: 11 inch 13 inch 14 inch 15 inch other size
  • Style: Business
  • Brand: accompanied by life

Because the background no 15.6-inch option, there is a need for 15.6-inch computer bag pro who can take 'other size' or photographed 15.6-inch message.

Due to personal notebook thickness, it can not guarantee that fitted into full coincidence, details can consult online customer service.

This section is felt material, everyone's preference for the material is not the same, if not clear why the blanket is recommended to buy when the purchase of freight insurance. OUR 30 days no reason to return service. Please do not give in the negative feedback thank you.