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Uni-Pocket Pocket Mini Multi-Function Auto-Range Digital Multimeter Digital Universal Meter High Precision

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Product parameters:

  • Item: UT136A / UT136B / UT136C / UT136D
  • Automatic range UT136A Standard automatic range UT136B Capacitance measurement Automatic range UT136C Temperature measurement Automatic range UT136D NCV Contactless sensor measurement Automatic range UT33A Two-transistor test Manual range UT33B Battery test Manual range UT33C Temperature measurement On-off beep Manual range UT33D UT132 UT132D UT30A 3999 Bit Display UT30D Square wave output UT30F Resistance and capacitance measurement UT30 Table pen 20 core * 0.12 CAT I 1000V / CAT II 600V UT50 Table pen 42 core * 0.12 CAT III 1000V / CAT Ⅳ 600V 10A
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: UNI-T / You Lide
  • Model: UT136A / B / C / D