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Wireless LAN Wireless Transmitter | Single Antenna

Wireless LAN Wireless Transmitter | Single Antenna
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: H3C WA2610E-GNE
  • Brand: H3C
  • H3C Model: WA2610E-GNE
  • Color classification: BUCEROS / character
  • Wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speed: 150Mbps
  • Cable transfer rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • Network standards: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11a 802.11n
  • Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G
  • Applicable to: enterprise-class router
  • Whether to support VPN: Not supported
  • Whether built-in firewall: No
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Condition: New

H3C WA2600 series of wireless products is a new generation of 100M high-speed wireless access equipment (hereinafter referred to as AP) based on 802.11n technology developed by Hangzhou H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AP), which provides the equivalent of traditional 802.11a / b / G network over 6 times the wireless access rate, to cover a larger range.The series of wireless products uplink interface using Gigabit Ethernet interface access, broke through the Fast Ethernet interface limitations, the wireless multimedia applications become a reality.

The WA2610E-GNE is a high-power 802.11n wireless access device in the WA2600-series wireless products. It adopts 1 * 1 MIMO transmission power up to 200mW. It is applicable to scenarios where the signal attenuation is large and the wireless signal interference is high. The WA2610E-GNE operates in the 2.4GHz band.

Enabling high-performance wireless access and wireless network TCO

The WA2610E-GNE is compliant with the 802.11n standard and is available in 1 * 1 MIMO mode with transmit power up to 200mW. The WA2610E-GNE transmits at 150Mbps and is about 2 to 4 times faster than 802.11a / b / g in the same environment. Built-in integrated intelligent RF coverage optimization technology can effectively provide high-performance wireless access services from the coverage, access density, and stable operation, and help users achieve TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Green low-carbon design

The WA2610E-GNE uses a professional green low-carbon design, power consumption is less than 13W, while the standard 802.3af (PoE) power supply is 15.4W, which means WA2610E-GNE can use ordinary PoE switches (such as H3C S3000 / S5000 series PoE switches) The PoE switch can be used to control, switch, and reset wireless devices without the need for on-site operation, only need to remotely control the PoE switch port, thereby effectively improving the wireless network management flexibility and reduce the power consumption of the PoE switch, Network maintenance difficult.

Provides Gigabit Ethernet interface for wired connection

The uplink interface adopts Gigabit Ethernet interface to break through the limitation of the traditional Fast Ethernet interface, so that the wired port no longer becomes the bottleneck of the wireless access. It provides a smooth upgrade for more RF combinations in the future. platform.

Support Fat / Fit two modes

The WA2610E-GNE supports the Fat and Fit modes. You can flexibly switch between the Fat and Fit modes according to the requirements of the network planning. You can flexibly select the required device version according to the requirements of the application (Fat mode Version or Fit mode version).

When the customer's wireless network is initially small, the customer only needs to purchase the WA2610E-GNE wireless device and set its working mode to Fat mode.With the continuous expansion of the customer network, when the WA2610E-GNE wireless devices in the network reach a few 10 or even hundreds of units, in order to reduce the complexity of network management, it is recommended that customers purchase H3C independent research and development of WX series wireless controller equipment, easy to centrally manage all the network WA2610E-GNE wireless devices, then just work Mode to Fit mode.

The WA2610E-GNE is a high-speed super-100Mbps wireless access device supporting both Fat / Fit mode. The work mode switchover process requires only a simple command line and can be executed in batches through the device network management. This helps the customer's wireless network from small Network smooth upgrade to large-scale network, in order to better protect the user's investment, ideal for large-scale operation of large-scale wireless network smooth expansion and upgrading.

Provides local forwarding

When the WA2610E-GNE (Fit mode) is forwarded over the WAN, the wireless access device is deployed at the branch office and the wireless controller is deployed at the headquarters. All the user data is sent from the wireless access device to the wireless controller. The data packet can be directly translated into a wired format on the wireless access device so that the data packet can not be transmitted through the wireless controller, but is forwarded locally, and the data packet can be forwarded in the local area, thus greatly reducing the forwarding efficiency. Thus improving the forwarding efficiency.

Supports IPv4 / IPv6 dual protocol stack (Native IPv6)

WA2610E-GNE fully supports IPv6 features, the device implements the IPv4 / IPv6 dual protocol stack.With the WX series wireless controller to establish IPv6 tunnel, regardless of the original wired network is IPv4 or IPv6, WA2610E-GNE are free and WX series control Device to communicate, will not become an information island in the network.

RealTime Spectrum Guard mode supported

RealTime Spectrum Guard (RTSG) is a professional monitoring solution for H3C's wireless environment. H3C WA2600 / 3600 Series AP supports built-in radio frequency acquisition module for deep integration of RF monitoring and real-time spectrum protection.

The ASC / AirMaster Service Center is deployed in the H3C iMC Intelligent Management Center to manage communication and data acquisition with the Sensor AP through the CAPWAP management tunnel.ASC can implement 7X24 hours wireless environment quality monitoring and wireless network capability trend Evaluation, and unlicensed interference alerts • Proactively detects and identifies all 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz RF interference sources (WiFi or non-WiFi) graphically, providing real-time FFT, spectral density, spectral, duty cycle , Event Spectrum, Channel Power, Interference Power, etc .. It can automatically identify the interference source, determine the position of the wireless device in question and ensure the performance of the wireless network.With H3C iAR Intelligent Report Component, it can achieve RF quality in the whole coverage area History storage, traceability, playback, etc., automatically generate custom trends, compliance and audit reports.

The RTSG solution can be deployed flexibly with Local mode or Monitor Mode for different levels of wireless environment supervision. When working in Local Mode, you can maintain normal user access and packet forwarding while obtaining effective spectrum protection. .

Support for Intelligent Wireless Service Awareness (WIAA)

The WA2610E-GNE supports H3C's WX series of wireless controller devices to intelligently identify and manage wireless traffic based on wireless subscriber status and optimize the voice and video services.

Support 7-layer mobile security detection / defense (wIDS / wIPS)

The WA2610E-GNE supports the wireless access control feature such as blacklist and whitelist when operating in Fat mode.

WA2610E-GNE work in Fit mode, with H3C independent research and development of WX series of wireless controller device can achieve complete mobile security defense.

Supported mobile security defense modes include: blacklist, whitelist, Rogue defense, malformed packet detection, unauthorized user logoff, signature MAC attack detection and countermeasure based on preset upgrade (for example: DoS attack, Flood attack, Man-in-the-middle attack), etc. With ASC (AirMaster Service Center) built-in massive intelligent expert knowledge base, it can obtain flexible wireless security policy judgment basis and realize visual physical location tracking for clear illegal attack source (AP or terminal) Monitoring and switch physical port removal.With H3C professional core layer firewall / IPS device, it can realize the 7-layer security defense of the mobile campus, and meet the demand of wireless (802.11) to wired (802.3) end-to-end security protection.

Provides EAD radio access

End User Admission Control (EAD) is a solution that integrates the network access control and terminal security products from the perspective of controlling the security access network of the user terminals to enforce the enterprise security policy on the user terminals accessing the network. With the security policy server linkage, can be infected with the virus or the existence of system vulnerabilities and other unqualified wireless client offline, isolation, reminder or monitoring and other means of dealing with only the wireless client to comply with the appropriate security policy before allowing Normal access to the network, thereby enhancing the overall security of the wireless network.

Support Chinese standard WAPI

WA2610E-GNE In addition to supporting the international standard 802.11i WLAN, but also supports China's national wireless LAN standard GB15629.11-2003 proposed WAPI standard.

Supports remote probe analysis

The WA2610E-GNE can be used as a remote probe probe for capturing and capturing WiFi messages in the coverage area for real-time mirroring to a local network analyzer for network administrators to troubleshoot and optimize the remote probe analysis. It can perform non-convergence mirroring on the working channel, or poll and sample all the channels flexibly to meet the requirements of the wireless network monitoring and operation and maintenance.

Built-in RF Optimization Engine (ROE)

The WA2610E-GNE includes an RF Optimizing Engine that enhances application acceleration and quality assurance in scenarios such as high-density access, streaming media over wireless deployments through feature-based and protocol-based radio optimization. Broadcast unicast (IPv4 / IPv6), filtering interference, rate optimization, hybrid access fairness, spectrum navigation, packet-by-packet power control, RRM and intelligent bandwidth guarantees.

Supports intelligent load balancing

The WA2610E-GNE supports a complex equalization method based on the number of users and traffic. When the load of the access controller exceeds the threshold, the controller automatically calculates the user for the new access user Whether there is a load of light around the wireless access device for user access, if there will be rejected user association request, the user will instead access other load lighter wireless access equipment, but if the wireless user is not heavy In the traditional overlay area, traditional load balancing often leads to the problem that the connection is not connected to the network, causing erroneous equilibria. H3C's innovative support for intelligent load balancing ensures that the load balancing function is enabled only for wireless users in overlapping areas. Effectively avoid the emergence of error equilibria, thus limiting the capacity of the wireless network.

Provides only 11n access

Because 802.11n is backward compatible with 802.11a / b / g protocol, 802.11a / b / g users can usually access 802.11n wireless access devices, but this compatibility will result in The 802.11n access capability of the actual use of the user a certain degree of decline.Wa2610E-GNE support the device's radio frequency is set to only 11n mode, making 802.11n access users high-speed bandwidth and access performance is guaranteed.

Support Chinese SSID

WA2610E-GNE supports the use of Chinese SSID, can specify a long containing 32 Chinese characters SSID, you can also use a mixed Chinese and English SSID, for domestic users with greater ease of use.

Support for TR-069 features (CWMP)

The TR-069 is a series of technical specifications developed by the DSL Forum (www.dslforum.org), which supports the TR-069 feature, which facilitates the centralized management of location-dispersed wireless access devices from the network side. One of which is called 'CPE WAN Management Protocol'.

Comprehensive support for intelligent wired and wireless integration management

H3C's full range of wireless products can be achieved through an open network management protocol based on WSM wired and wireless integrated management.

WSM is a wireless operation management component developed by H3C on the basis of the iMC (Intelligent Management Center), a next generation service software platform. It not only provides administrators with flexible component selection, but also conforms to the mainstream SOA architecture. Based management system to provide a simple and friendly management platform for wireless service managers.With the iMC intelligent management platform and other components, it can also realize the integration of the wireless devices and the network management system. Panel management, fault management, performance monitoring, software version management, configuration file management, access user management and other functions, and other devices in the network unified management, intelligent wired and wireless integration management.

Hardware specifications




0.66 kg

Dimensions (without antenna interface and accessories)


10/100 / 1000M Ethernet port



Support 802.3af / 802.3at compatible power supply

Local power supply

Supports 48V DC

Console port



1 RP-SMA type RF interface (antenna need to be configured)

Working frequency band

802.11b / g / n: 2.4GHz-2.483GHz (China)

Modulation technology

OFDM: BPSK @ 6 / 9Mbps, QPSK @ 12 / 18Mbps, 16-QAM @ 24Mbps, 64-QAM @ 48 / 54Mbps
DSSS: DBPSK @ 1Mbps, DQPSK @ 2Mbps, CCK@5.5/11Mbps

Transmit power ()


Adjustable power

1 dBm

Operating temperature

-10 oC to 55 oC

Working humidity

5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Storage temperature

-40oC ~ 70oC

Storage Humidity

5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Total power consumption

Lt; 13W

Safety specification

GB4943, EN60601-1-2 (medical), UL / CSA 60950-1, EN / IEC 60950-1, EN / IEC 60950-22


GB9254-2008, EN301 489, EN55022, FCC Part 15, RSS-210

RF certification

FCC Part 15, EN 300 328, EN 301 893, Chinese Ministry of Information Industry, Wireless Equipment Type Approval


FCC Bulletin OET-65C, EN 50385, IC Safety Code 6



Software specifications



Product Positioning

Indoor 802.11n enhanced wireless access equipment

IEEE802.11a / b / g / n

Supports 802.11b / g / n

Virtual AP


security strategy


Supports 64, 128-bit WEP encryption, WPA, 802.11i and WAPI

Supports multiple key update trigger conditions for WPA and 802.11i

User isolation

Supports Layer 2 forwarding suppression on APs

Supports quarantine between virtual APs (multiple SSIDs)

Packet filtering

stand by

Broadcast suppression

stand by

SSID is hidden

stand by


Support 802.1x authentication, MAC address authentication, PSK authentication, Portal, WAPI and so on
(Depending on the application, H3C WX series multi-service wireless controllers may be required)

MAC address filtering

stand by

Wireless endpoint access

Support / Wireless EAD

User state firewall

Support / intelligent wireless service awareness


stand by

Real-time spectrum protection

stand by


Radius Client

stand by

Multi-domain configuration

stand by

Back up the authentication server

stand by

Based on the length of billing

stand by

Real-time billing

stand by

Authentication and accounting separation

stand by


Inter-AP handover

stand by

Switching basis

Depending on the signal strength, bit error rate, adjacent AP is normal work

Two three functions

IP address settings

Support static IP address (FAT), support DHCP to obtain IP address

Routing Protocol

Supports static routing (FAT)

Native IPv6

stand by


stand by


Support (IPv4 / IPv6)

Local forwarding

Supports local forwarding based on SSID / VLAN

service quality


Support WMM


Support the Ethernet port to support 802.1p identification and marking

Priority queuing and mapping are supported

Traffic Limits

stand by

Traffic classification

stand by

QoS policy mapping

Different SSID / VLAN mapping policies are supported

Number of users load balancing

stand by

Traffic load balancing

stand by

RF optimization

stand by

Multicast to unicast

Support (IPv4 / IPv6)


Support based on number of users and based on channel utilization


stand by


stand by

SVP Phone

stand by

WDS (Wireless Distributed System)

stand by

Power saving mode

stand by

Management and maintenance

Network Management

TR-069, SNMP (V1, V2, V3), Trap, HTTP (S), TFTP, FTP and Telnet

Maintenance mode

Support local maintenance and remote maintenance

Log function


Alarm function

stand by

Fault detection

stand by


stand by

Watch Dog

stand by

Remote probe analysis

stand by

Wi-Fi Certified

IEEE 802.11b / g / n