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TianYouLi light box / color box / contrast light box / contrast light box / standard light box / color light box

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: days Woori
  • Model: TILO
  • Item No .: TILO
  • (4) the old four-source - MDF material T60 (5) the old five-light source - MDF material P60 (6) the old (4) the old four-light source - MDF material T60 (five light source) 6 light source - MDF material T60B British five light source M60 US six light source P120 large light source box Color-60 eight light source CAC-600-7 seven light source 2016 enhanced five light source new T60 + S sheet metal floor 2016 enhanced six light source P60 + S sheet metal floor upgrade T60 + (five light sources) Engineering Plastics upgrade P60 + (six light source) Engineering Plastics
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works

brand introduction Days Woori was established in 1998, is the industry's only industrial and commercial licensing of production-oriented enterprises, through the ISO9001 international quality management system certification.

The use of advanced MDF material manufacturing

The upgraded version is made of high quality engineering plastics

Lamp introduction