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Car charger car cigarette lighter head dual usb universal Apple 6 mobile phone a drag two 2A multi-function car charger

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Wo network power
  • Model: W-C01
  • Color Classification: 'with two lines of blue sky 1 meter' 'with two-in-one rose gold 1 m' 'with a golden line 1 m' 'with a silver line 1 m' 'with two green apple 1 m' 'With two in one line ivory 1 m' 'with two lines of watermelon red 1 m' 'with two lines of lemon yellow 1 m' 'with two lines of one ya black 1 m'
  • Power supply: cigarette lighter power supply
  • Input voltage: 12V and 24V common