HP HP F530 tachograph HD 1296P Ambarella A7L electronic dog speed warning device one machine new

HP HP F530 tachograph HD 1296P Ambarella A7L electronic dog speed warning device one machine new

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: HP / HP F530
  • Main lens aperture: F1.8
  • Brand: HP / Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: F530
  • Package: official standard
  • Image Resolution: 1296P
  • Camera pixels: 12 million
  • Camera pixels: 500 million
  • Cores: single core
  • Screen Angle: 150 °
  • Recorder Installation Type: mini Hide
  • Running out of memory: 512MB
  • Number of shots: a single-lens
  • Color Classification: [New] counter genuine sealed package 1296P HD dynamic black [send 16G card spree +] [Special] HD 1296P Ambarella A7 send 32G card upgrade section [+] spree with gun
  • Screen size: 2.4 inches
  • Function: Night vision video motion detection cycle parking strengthen monitoring

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Product Features:

①1296P ultra-clear (sharper than 1080P);

② Ambarella A7L chip (image clear, stable, mature technology);

③150 ° wide-angle (license plate can see clear wide angle) [Note: belt speed is 156 ° wide-angle Oh];

④ fixed speed warning (a machine) [Note: The speed limit with paragraph];

⑤F2.0 large aperture (the larger the aperture into the larger amount of light, the better night vision) Note: With the speed F1.8 large aperture Oh];

⑥ black classic dynamic fashion modeling (end atmosphere on the grade);

[Welcome to the pursuit of quality of life and HP together]

HP Hewlett-Packard for the pursuit of our quality work extremely harsh to optimize the user experience we never stop, the service is far from the pursuit of supreme.

Tachograph important parameters:

Definition: 1296P> 1080P> 720P [] higher resolution descending course to see more clearly.

Aperture value: F / 1.8> F / 1.9> F / 2.0> F / 2.4 [F] value the greater the smaller the aperture the greater the amount of light into the larger the aperture, the better night vision .F1.8 aperture ratio F / 1.9 larger.

HP F5301296P aperture F / 2.0 resolution than you can imagine.

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