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925 Silver Platinum Angels Engagement Couple Rings Coupon One Pairs Korean Version Open Wedding Ring Free Lettering

925 Silver Platinum Angels Engagement Couple Rings Coupon One Pairs Korean Version Open Wedding Ring Free Lettering
Product code: 41931700030
Unit price 35.03-70.22$
Sold quantity 1463
Available stock 29175

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: No
  • Material: Silverware
  • Metal material: 925 silver
  • Color classification: size please message live a pair of free delivery bracelet single price
  • Brand: Pureal / Poolei
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Applicable gender: couple
  • Pattern: Cross / Crown / Roman numerals
  • Whether the spot: spot
  • Price range: 401-500 yuan
  • Inlaid material: sterling silver inlaid gem
  • Condition: New
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Item No .: 610001

Those questions you care about ...
Q. Is this product genuine 925 sterling?
A. Our sale is the international standard 925 sterling silver, brand genuine guarantee, support the national authority of the precious metal body testing, with the test certificate, product protection is not exaggerated.
Q. Questions about price?
A. pro, with the scientific and technological progress on the market there are a variety of alloys, silver, copper gold and other real fake spurious authentic S925 sterling silver, resulting in the same price is not uniform style, but this shop this solid silver couple ring is high quality S925 sterling silver Platinum, not other stores with the same style, regardless of workmanship, texture, color belong to the top grade, high quality and low price.
Q. This product will fade, discoloration, black, allergy and other issues.
A. This product is the titanium dioxide in the S925 sterling silver, anti-oxidation, anti-allergic, anti-discoloration, three months there are any quality problems Baohuan, postage borne by the Pulai Lai.
Q. Is this product a pair of prices?

A. shop couple rings, the price marked on the ring is a pair of prices

Q. Is there a problem with the ring code?

A. This section is divided and closed, if you do not know the size, you can choose to open the mouth, the store is sold in Hong Kong code are standard, pro-phase, please direct photographed, Please note that the order below, or directly to our online customer service, such as the size of the ring in doubt, welcome pro consultation online customer service.
Detailed ring ring number measurement method and the logo comparison table: Message format such as: male xx number; female xx number

Q. Is there a problem with ring lettering?

A. This product supports free lettering, as long as the computer can play out can be carved out, limited to six characters or 12 characters (numbers); if there is a need for free lettering service, please engrave the contents of annotated remarks on the message. If you need to engrave the pattern, please use words such as: heart-shaped please use brackets (heart-shaped) instructions.
Lettering message format, such as: Male xx No. carved: XXXX; Female xx No. carved: XXXX Reminder: As the first lettering after the first jewelry is custom merchandise, can not be secondary sales, so do not support the return service Oh, .

Product Information)
■ Name / Name:
Angel wings couple rings
■ Album / Series:
Couple series
■ Art No. / Item:
■ Brand / Brand:
■ Materail / Material:
925 silver
■ Process / Process:
Playing rounds
■ Size / Size:
Male section 14-27 female 9-18 another movable mouth optional
■ Weight / Weight:
5.45 ± 0.5 g
+ Price / national unified market price: 398 / pair