Cheap donkey hoof 612 | backlit mechanical keyboard | blue black shaft axis | metal cable suspended 104-key keyboard game

Cheap donkey hoof 612 | backlit mechanical keyboard | blue black shaft axis | metal cable suspended 104-key keyboard game

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: LOFREE / 612 Luofei hoof
  • Brand: LOFREE / Luofei
  • Model: 612 hoof
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color Classification: (black and yellow) red axis (black and yellow) tea axis (white) green axis (white) white tea black shaft axis (black and yellow) black shaft (black and yellow) green axis
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: There are
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Reminder! Please first mechanical keyboard black shaft do not buy, because the heavy black shaft you will use are not used, we recommend green tea shaft axis Like feel heavy on the black shaft, like the light touch of the proposed election of tea axis! Green axis noisy, heavy black shaft, shaft red for a female friend. Shaft final tea is the best choice for the office can play!

By default the SF, SF can not single notes Shen Tong Tong Oh, the day before 22 o'clock the next single payment the day of delivery. SF air to normal in most areas the next day.

Aluminum frame built to strengthen the wing plate full key no red 2.5 pounds

Free gift: the original cheap ass mat 332 + pull key device / cable management with / brush / need large 700 * 300 single-catcher hand bags please Remarks Oh default send cheap ass mouse pad

This is not a conventional mechanical keyboard! Fun mechanical quality also do not how '6' is not up, so please hold me close and the market price of any one segment product comparison work!

We also Get full freight insurance, No work, feel dissatisfied! I return package shipping!

Such a good keyboard, so to force the grid service? Do not choose cheap ass 612 hoof! I'm sorry for my high school math teacher! I did not have to hesitate ~! ~ ~ ~ ~ Quickly orders!

299 is a mechanical keyboard???

Yes, please believe your eyes

Wang called the handle, cost-effective mechanical keyboard!

The real black shaft green axis mechanical keyboard, rather than the so-called 'mechanical keyboard feel' so simple!

Try! Do not feel bad money!

The difference between ordinary mechanical keyboard membrane keyboard


mechanical keyboard: Each key has a separate Switch (switches, also known as the 'axis') to control the closing, each key position Is pressed is a separate signal.

Membrane keyboard : A film and the film arrays key panels, keyboard controller chip kept the issue of the control signal, the column lines to find the key that was pressed bit signal is detected, then the key-bit ASCII computer back, closing to achieve control.

life mechanical keyboard : Cheap donkey hoof life of more than a single button 50000000 Secondary (mechanical keyboard is the other 50 million), a good mechanical keyboard with you 10 or even 20 years , Accompany you to grow old.
Membrane keyboard : Reliability, service life of 100 million times.


mechanical keyboard : Different axes, feel different, some crackling, some smooth, you can choose according to their preferences; long-term use, can handle almost unchanged.

Membrane keyboard : Soft single, long-term use, will gradually feel worse.

You can replace your mechanical keyboard keycaps for easy personality DIY. So, why not choose a good keyboard, make yourself happy beat it?

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical switch contacts more sensitive stroke, A strong sense of the paragraph, sonorous voice button , Super durability, up to 50 million times key life

Black shaft: Or that can achieve the best fastest trigger (1.5mm), beginning with perhaps give some people feel the pressure will be relatively large tea and green axis, fully understand the need to adapt to the characteristics of the black shaft (without pressing in the end or bottom) , will give you a whole bring a very big surprise, at present mainly in black shaft gaming keyboard is the most commonly used, I called the game black shaft or the pursuit of the fastest entry tool weapon!

Red axis : Kaihua shaft is the most lightweight high pressure trigger (2.0mm), it was also known as the black version of the light pressure shaft, which really is a certain basis, it is the same with black shaft no sense of the paragraph, holding black axis high trigger, considered to be the highest expression of the Almighty shaft, it can maintain the same axis as the black gameplay, but also to achieve the black shaft of light touch can not compete!

Tea axis: I call it the Almighty axis, whether regarded as a game or typing have a good performance, slower over black tea axis trigger axis (2.0mm), but with a lighter than black shaft pressure grams, is more easy to use one axially!

Green axis: light type weapon, triggering 2.4mm is a very strong sense of rhythm of the shaft to the user for typing very easy to find a sense of rhythm, with its crackling mechanical sound, easy typing so pleasant ended……

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Cheap ass from 007 modular gaming mouse released since the concern. In this period, it never stopped, and then launched its mechanical keyboard products 612 --- cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard from the initial exposure to the open, 612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard by a lot of players sought after, study its appearance is still capable of giving a feeling of bright spots, especially on both sides of the keyboard to increase the aluminum flank design, recognizable is quite high. jump votes so far, which has finally ushered in mechanical keyboard is available for sale, before the final out of the version with slightly different exposure, after some details of the adjustment, the following details to share.

Packaging Accessories

Cheap ass in 112 games peripheral products mouse, it demonstrated its solid design skills, or even the packaging is also full of exquisite sense, much different from the traditional. As a mechanical keyboard products, cheap donkey hoof 612 mechanical keyboard packaging inherited Recently fame 007 gaming mouse modular design, the use of fully enclosed packaging, corrugated cardboard black, and half of the keyboard surface and line art FIG text pattern models are used Jitu effect, but also with a shiny, textured pretty good, simple without losing quality.

Internal keyboard is made of paper slot and fixed to each other as a sponge, since the keyboard flanked by aluminum alloy, in order to better protect here, also increases the two ends of each bracket, stable during transport to avoid the keyboard, the keyboard in place inside shake, crash, to some extent make up for the lack of thick cardboard packaging disadvantages.

Accessories, only a simple description of product features and quality jams.

Product parameters:

Size: 454x147x28.4mm

Weight: 1350g

Key: Kaihua mechanical switch

Keycaps: translucent color injection molding ABS keycaps

Light: monochromatic light / breathing lights

Interface: USB2.0

Cord length: 2 m

Exterior details

From humble donkey 112-007 gaming mouse, and today, this 612 hoof mechanical keyboard, and both show a humble donkey consistently excellent industrial design skills, and are always give us a lot of surprises, especially in the face of the public now the proliferation of mold, product features serious homogenization of the mechanical keyboard market, such as cheap ass stick to the original design and the idea of ​​brand is quite interesting. 612 look cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard, lead exposure and its design before physical map are basically the same, but in order to better cater to the cheap ass brand color itself, built from the original black plates changed to yellow, and the yellow character with a set of key caps are more in tune, and yellow plates and also for the keycaps late backlighting foreshadowed.

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard uses a standard 104-key layout, later learned that perhaps will launch 87 key versions, while the design is still a bright spot in which the mechanical keyboard, the introduction of the eye, of course, on both sides of the keyboard is separated aluminum flanking , annular surround the keyboard side, imitation car tail design is sporty look and feel good. among them, the aluminum flank with a matte anti-oil processing, surface delicate touch, not easy to glue fingerprints.

In the left wing are printed on cheap ass brand LOGO. Secondly, the whole body shell in addition to the keyboard side wing of aluminum alloy, both upper and lower lid fine matte texture of the plastic.

In addition, the base 612 donkey hoof mechanical keyboard, while having a real sense of the cover panel (panel depth is relatively shallow), but is still exposed side view showing the mechanical axis, more closely suspension design.

More interesting is carefully observed humble donkey hoof 612 mechanical keyboard is very symmetrical, and the next along a line along on the keyboard are basically the same, the thickness is the same as the height of the lean input it is formed by the bottom of the foot is attached to the height difference to achieve. Second, note that the keyboard keys F region is opposed to the traditional mechanical keyboard layout closer to the main key area, some users probably need some time to adapt.

Area F on some integrated multimedia function keys, the keys are additional laser engraving corresponding icons, intuitive and clear, so that by the late FN key combination to accurately use.

Function keys:

FN + F1: Open Multimedia

FN + F2 ~ F4: volume control

FN + F5 ~ F8: multimedia shortcut keys

FN + F9: Send e-mail

FN + F10: open the browser

FN + F11: lock the keypad

FN + F12: Open Calculator

FN + SCRLK: on / off lights

FN + HOME: Steady / breathing lights

FN + - / = +: brightness adjustment

FN + W: WASD and arrow keys Swap

FN + WIN: WIN shield key

Upper right corner of the keyboard, to retain the traditional keyboard function status indicator panel display area, meaning the keyboard backlight after power is global, including CAPSLK, NUM, SCRLK keys is lit.

Wire braided nylon line, a length of about two meters, USB interface, gold plated, and with static magnetic tape and cable management.

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard flanking both ends extend to the chassis foot paste, paste the bottom four feet is directly attached to the aluminum under the flank.

Front and rear side of the keyboard is the same thickness mentioned above, and therefore the inclination angle of the input dependent on these two highly inconsistent feet stick to reach. At the same time, the keyboard is also equipped with support legs, accustomed to meet high tilt angle users.

Open keyboard support foot schematic compared to traditional mechanical keyboard is again lower, while still OEM keycaps arranging height, stepped layout, a late replacement keycap more casual, good compatibility.

Hand experience

Unsurprisingly, cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard 612 is equipped with the mechanical axis of domestic Kaihua switch, the first product out of high special black shaft, and there are high especially green axis. According to past experience had Scott and green axis Scott black shaft, particularly high special green axis, which showed significant feel more crisp than the original green axis, bottoming feedback quite tough. the high special black shaft and feel similar to the original black shaft, non-trigger sense of the paragraph, keys feel too much weight, a strong rebound quickly, because of this game is regarded as the most suitable shaft, of course, feel this thing is individual.

612 cheap donkey hoof Kaihua mechanical keyboard black shaft gamut feel good consistency of performance, key sound feedback altogether, but compared to the original black shaft, the key aspect of the overall smoothness is slightly less than the friction between the shaft member inside a bit dry astringent. Secondly, like Shift, backspace, Enter such a big keys feel is also satisfied, but also large keys satellite axis programs, as well as others obviously feel the keys. the keys feel Ruanmian back bomb also significantly delayed and weak.

Shaft axis transparent cover on the hole did not see the LED lamp beads, in fact, is the use of SMD LED, located on the PCB.

Cheap donkey hoof 612 with a mechanical keyboard is injection molded ABS translucent color keycaps, character styles, or that a set of commonly used, but the effort to do color, so yellow font, does not seem so male mold, bright eye index increased a lot.

In addition to the character color differences keycap delicate matte surface texture is the same, smooth, non-stick hand.

Through word yellow is no suspense, the other set of key caps in any light colors showing through word effect only yellow. RK DIC and that a transmittance of dichroic color ABS keycap having the same light color change Effect.

No red through the whole key test.

Light Effects

Built yellow plate coupled with a set of yellow word yellow transparent keycaps and SMD LED lights, lighting effects show is quite good. Although the SMD LED lights, which light intensity is sufficient.

Mixed light mechanical keyboard so popular, monochromatic yellows cheap donkey hoof 612 with a mechanical keyboard becomes simple low-key, and also most of the players the desired effect in recent suspension design bare shaft cover transparent, translucent effect out quite good, there will not be messy spot overall lighting uniformity satisfactory. As light mode, only the steady breathing and light mode, the brightness can be adjusted relatively simple.

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard officially priced at $ 299, as a domestic shaft mounted backlit mechanical keyboard, quite reasonable price, relatively close to the people. Do it with a different design is undoubtedly the biggest attraction, there are a lot of players it is directed at its appearance and later, the fight is the color value.

Dismantling part

Cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard housing portion 612 screws hidden under foot all stickers, but there are also distributed on the keyboard plate screw fixing the PCB to the chassis.

Between the upper and lower lid, there is an upper buckle design, it needs an object class PVC cards can be separated from the auxiliary tilt open, where the panel did not cover too many ribs, and the shallow depth of the panel itself, and relatively thin, Thus relatively soft texture. off to avoid violence in the demolition snaps.

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard using layer PCB board, full pin joints between the circuit elements, did not find Weld, welding traces of late, the overall good work.

Master independence mounted on a PCB, is probably the cost constraints, the performance is more general, at least the keyboard itself does not have memory light function, namely after restart or hot-swap, the keyboard lights will return to the default factory preset modes, in view of the keyboard light mode itself is not very rich, in fact, the impact is not large.

612 cheap donkey hoof mechanical keyboard LED lights is the use of welding in the form of a patch on the PCB, lights bright enough, with a transparent cover in order to penetrate the shaft out more light, if the non-transparent shaft cover estimated light becomes weak Therefore if the latter needs to change DIY axis, you have to retain the original transparency shaft cover.

Flanking the keyboard can also remove the module.