Precision | four | Dual Display | Digital AC voltmeter | Ammeter | Digital | header | Built-in transformer

Precision | four | Dual Display | Digital AC voltmeter | Ammeter | Digital | header | Built-in transformer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Puxicoo
  • Model: DL69-2042
  • Item: 120903
  • Color Classification: 200 ~ 450V 100A 80 ~ 300V 100A
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering
  • Meter Type: reactive power meter
  • The power supply circuit: AC meter
  • How it works: electronic meter

DL69-2042 (5135 type) high precision digital AC voltage meter simultaneously show the measured AC voltage and AC current meter does not require an additional power supply and AC transformer work on the same instrument (with 100A Precision Instruments small transformer), convenient and accurate measurement of very widely used Audio amplifier , Distribution box, distribution cabinets, regulator, teaching aids, household small distribution boxes, etc.

Main Specifications

1. Measurement accuracy: 1% plus or minus two words

2. Display: Voltage Display: 4 red 0.39 inches LED digital current display: 4 Pure green 0.39 inches LED digital tube

3. Measuring range: AC voltage: AC80-300V (single-phase) 200-450V (three-phase) alternating current: AC0-100.0A, measured current is less than 10A, the current display resolution is 0.01A; measured current is greater than 10A, the display resolution is 0.1A, automatic conversion range (Automatic decimal point shift ) , True RMS measurement.

4. Power Consumption: 0.2VA

5. Measurement speed: about 2 times per second

6. Dimensions: 79 (L) * 43 (width / height) * 42mm (thickness)

7. Installation size: 76 * 39mm (flush mounted)

8. The instrument is only suitable for pure AC 50-60HZ mains power is not available for a square wave inverter output and measuring Modified sine wave sine wave circuit, otherwise the instrument will be permanently damaged!

9. Description: transformers and instrument separation, transformers based on the actual position measured by installed (it can say any longer lead to the desired position by equipment installed) See baby description main map

★: as at home: (C45 / DZ47) circuit breaker installed by a total change instruments, real-time monitoring of the current grid voltage and load current, voltage = current * power (it can also be calculated for all current household appliances power your home, too W is the number of can be that easy to go and see if there is a large current display, avoid forget to turn off some of the electrical power to run, Electricity and waste of resources.

note Voltage input interface Green terminal

Current transformer secondary input interface Blue terminal Otherwise it will not be wrong to burn the table.

★: see below installed by the operating instrument wiring diagram