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DL69-2042 high precision | dual display digital AC voltmeter ammeter | digital display head built-in transformer

DL69-2042 high precision | dual display digital AC voltmeter ammeter | digital display head built-in transformer
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Puxicoo
  • Model: DL69-2042
  • Item No .: 120903
  • Color classification: 200 ~ 450V 100A 80 ~ 300V 100A
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower project
  • Meter type: reactive power meter
  • Power supply circuit: AC meter
  • How it works: Electronic watt-hour meter

DL69-2042 (5135 type) type high-precision digital AC voltage, ammeter is on the same instrument at the same time show the measured AC voltage and AC current. The instrument does not need to increase the additional power supply and AC transformer (instrument with 100A precision Small transformers), the measurement is very convenient and accurate. Widely used Audio amplifier , Distribution boxes, power distribution cabinets, voltage regulator, teaching equipment, home small distribution box, and so on

Highlights: This instrument is true RMS measurement, can not be compared with the multimeter! Because most of the multimeter on the market is measuring the average, so the comparison of voltage and current have a little bit of error! We are the instrument!

Main Specifications

1. Measurement accuracy: 1% plus or minus 2 words

2. Display: Voltage display: 4 digits red 0.39 inch LED digital tube, current display: 4 Pure green 0.39 inch LED digital tube

3. Measuring range: AC voltage: AC80-300V (single phase) 200-450V (three phase) AC current: AC0-100.0A, measuring current less than 10A, the current display resolution of 0.01A; measured current greater than 10A, Display resolution of 0.1A, automatic range conversion (The decimal point is automatically shifted ) , True RMS measurement.

4. Power consumption: 0.2VA

5. Measurement speed: about 2 times per second

6. Overall dimensions: 79 (long) * 43 (width / height) * 42mm (thick)

7. Installation size: 76 * 39mm (embedded installation)

8. This instrument is only suitable for pure AC 50-60HZ mains power supply, can not be used for square wave, inverter output and the correction of the sine wave sine wave circuit measurement, otherwise the instrument will be permanently damaged!

9. Description: Transformer and instrument separation, the transformer can be installed according to the actual location of the measured (also said that the lead can be extended to the ideal location of the device installed) see the baby described the main map

★: If the current grid voltage and load current, current * voltage = power (so you can calculate the current home of all household appliances power, but also in the home: (C45 / DZ47) air switch bus line in the instrument, you can monitor the current grid voltage and load current, Is how much W can. It is easy to see when there is a large current display, to avoid forgetting to turn off some high-power electrical operation, Waste electricity and resources.

note: Voltage input Green terminal

Current transformer secondary input Blue terminal Can not be wrong or otherwise burn the table.

★: According to the installation operation see the following instrument wiring diagram