D-Link D-Link DAP-2230 300M wireless cloud ceiling POE AP dlink Authentic

D-Link D-Link DAP-2230 300M wireless cloud ceiling POE AP dlink Authentic

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: D-Link / D-Link DAP-2230
  • Brand: D-Link / Link
  • D-Link Model: DAP-2230
  • Color Classification: BUCEROS / character
  • Whether wireless: Wireless
  • Wireless transmission speeds: 300Mbps
  • Wired transfer rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: 300Mbps
  • Networking standards: 802.11b 802.11g 802.11a 802.11n
  • Wireless network support frequency: 2.4G
  • Applicable objects: Broadband VPN Router enterprise-class router home
  • Number of USB interface: Does not support
  • Whether to support VPN: does not support
  • Are built-in firewall: Yes
  • Support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: does not support
  • Are Detachable: can not be demolished
  • Service: Genius
  • Condition: New

The good news, DAP-2230By V1.00 (ENGLISH ) Fully upgraded to V1.02 (Chinese Version) ,

Setup Easy!

With immediate effect it sold all the DAP-2230 is the latest version V1.02 Chinese version.

802.11N 300M wireless cloud ceiling AP

Single frequency 300M, support POE, ceiling installation, support CWM private cloud management

product description

DAP-2230 802.11 N 300M PoE access point for small to medium work environment, can provide a safe and manageable wireless LAN network administrators. Several modes of operation, network management tools and security features enables network administrators to have more options when deploying the device, but also to add a device with wireless networking capabilities.

Fast and efficient wireless performance

DAP-2230 can provide high-speed, reliable wireless performance and provide the highest 300Mbps wireless signal rate in the 2.4GHz radio frequency coupled with support for Wi-Fi Multimedia TM (WMM) Quality of Service (QoS) features, making audio , video and voice applications over the access point. when this feature is enabled, DAP-2230 can automatically optimize traffic based on QoS function switched streaming level, such as HD movies or VoIP. DAP-2230 by the Web operator interface drop-down menu can choose to customize the optimization rules, QoS adjustment function. Additionally, DAP-2230 supports load balancing, by limiting the maximum number of users per access point to ensure the best performance.

Strong security

To help maintain a secure wireless network, DAP-2230 supports both personal and enterprise of WPA and WPA2 (802.11i standard), and support for RADIUS server backend side and built-in RADIUS server, users can create their own account in the device. function access point also includes MAC address filtering, wireless LAN segmentation, disable SSID broadcast, rogue AP detection, and wireless broadcast program, you can further protect your wireless network. DAP-2230 supports up to eight on each band A VLAN to run multiple SSID, to further help users on the network segmentation. It also includes a wireless client isolation mechanism, which can limit the direct communication between the client and the client. In addition, DAP-2230 supports Network Access Protection (NAP), which is a feature in Windows Server® 2008, allows the network administrator to multiple levels according to individual customer's need to define network access.

Various functions of the access point

Network administrators can deploy the DAP-2230 highly manageable, very powerful and optimized wireless coverage wireless network. DAP-2230 can be installed on the ceiling, wall or placed on the desktop, to meet any wireless network demand in advanced installations, DAP-2230 integrates 802.3af power over Ethernet (PoE) feature, the device can be installed in an area away from the power outlet.

Multiple operating modes

DAP-2230 can be configured based on any mode of operation, in order to optimize network performance, maximize the return on investment realized: Access Point, Wireless Distribution System with Access Point (WDS), WDS / Bridge (No AP Broadcasting) and Wireless Client end. WDS support, network administrators can place multiple DAP-2230 wireless access point, and configure them interconnected by bridging, providing access to the network for individual clients. advanced function DAP-2230 also includes a Fail-safe wireless connection load balancing and redundancy.

Network management

Network Administrators have several options to manage the DAP-2230, including Web (HTTP), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, providing secure Internet connection), Secure Sheel (SSH, provides a local computer and the remote computer's secure channel) and Telnet. in advanced network management, administrators can use D-Link's Central WiFiManager from a place of multiple access points to configure and manage. in addition, D-Link's Central WiFiManager enables network administrators to remotely carry out regular maintenance inspection, no longer need to manually verify correct operation.

DAP-2230 with wireless scheduling function that can turn off the wireless function on demand to energy saving. With its high output design, the PoE support, extensive manageability, versatile operation modes, and enhanced reliability security, DAP-2230 delivers enterprise-class solutions for SMEs and large enterprise deployments demand for wireless networks in the workplace.

Product Features:

High-performance can

IEEE 802.11nno line1

Rates up 300Mbps1

10/100MFast Ethernet LAN port

Business Industry should With characteristic

Suitable arrangement in the chamber Inside

Flow Control / QoS

Built-in RADIUS server Business Device

Heavy Support Web Orientation / Jump turn

Security Features

WPA / WP A2 - Enterprises Industry level /A people

WPA2 - PSK / AES over WDS

MAC address Pass filter

network Network access Insurance Protect (NAP)

ARP Spoofing defense

WLAN segmentation

Easy installation

Support 802.3af Mark For quasi-POE Electricity

Suck top And wall mount