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Millet original infrared / Bluetooth / somatosensory remote control millet TV / box 1/2/3 generation enhanced remote control

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Product parameters:

  • Uses: Set-top box remote control
  • (With a battery) Support millet box 1/2/3 generation millet TV 1/2 generation

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(Bluetooth version) Tips:

1, compatible with millet box enhanced version, millet box 3, millet box mini version (small box).

2, compatible with millet TV 2 / 2S.

3, 2-generation box must be connected to a good wireless WIFI, connect the network cable can not be used.

4, The old 1-generation box can not be used.

360 ° without dead ends

Suitable for millet TV 2 / 2S, millet box enhanced version and millet box mini version

(Infrared Edition) Tips:

For millet TV, millet TV 2, millet box enhanced version, millet box standard version

Bluetooth remote control and millet box enhanced version matching steps:

1. Open the battery cover of the Bluetooth remote control, remove the insulating film, and install the battery (positive side up) and the battery cover.
2. Access the box 'Settings' -> 'System Settings' -> 'Network' -> 'Bluetooth' via the infrared remote control.
3. Press the Bluetooth remote control ('OK' key.
4. With the infrared remote control click on the 'search for equipment' - '' search to the device '-> click on the' millet Bluetooth remote control '.
5. Perform the above steps to see the millet Bluetooth remote control in the list of devices have been paired, when the issue of 'drop' after the operation of the Bluetooth remote control arrow keys can be used on behalf of the Bluetooth remote control and box matching success.

Exception handling:
If the Bluetooth remote control can not be used normally, press the Home key and the Menu key ("Beep" sound) for three seconds and then repeat steps 2-5.

  • Millet box official so far released four:
    The first generation is called: the official name 'millet box' Model: (MDZ-05)
    The second generation is called: the official name 'new millet box' Model: (MDZ-06)
    The third generation is called: official name 'millet box enhanced version 1G' model: (MDZ-09)
    The fourth generation is called: Official name 'Millet box 3 ' model: (MDZ-16)

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