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Modern minimalist living room ceiling lamp led crystal lamp Rectangular bedroom restaurant lights intelligent remote lighting lamps

Modern minimalist living room ceiling lamp led crystal lamp Rectangular bedroom restaurant lights intelligent remote lighting lamps
Product code: 41753300030
Unit price 10.88-84.42$
Sold quantity 54482
Available stock 3174

Product parameters:

  • Ceiling Lamp Type: Crystal Ceiling Light
  • Intelligent Type: Other
  • Shade material: crystal
  • Light body auxiliary material: stainless steel
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Brand: Yiyuan lighting
  • Model: 6830
  • Packing volume: 88 * 68 * 14cm
  • Gross weight: 10kg
  • Light main material: stainless steel
  • Color classification: 42cm white light section 24-watt 42cm three-color simple section 24-watt 45 * 45cm white section 24-watt 45 * 45cm color light slow + sub-+ white 24-watt 60 * 40cm white light 36w 60 * 40cm new upgrade seven 36 watt + remote control 60 * 40cm three-color intelligent dimming section 36W + remote control 80 * 60cm white section of the 64-watt 80 * 60cm new upgrade seven color models 64 watts + remote control 80 * 60cm three-color intelligent dimming section 64 watts + remote control 90 * 70cm white light 72w 90 * 70cm new upgrade seven color models 72 watts + remote control 90 * 70cm three-color intelligent dimming section 72 watts + remote control 100 * 70cm white light section 80 watts 100 * 70cm new upgrade seven color models 80 watts + 70cm three-color intelligent dimming section 80 watts + remote control
  • Lampshade Main Material: Glass
  • Light source type: LED
  • Process: electric punching
  • Number of light sources: 4 8 10 10 10 (including) -15 (not included)
  • Irradiation area: 11.5㎡-30㎡
  • Whether the lamp is light source: with light source
  • Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (including)
  • Power: 61W (inclusive) -70W (inclusive)
  • Applicable space: living room dining room bedroom small bedroom meeting room small living room
  • Style: simple modern
  • Shade shape: rectangular

Pro, congratulations, find the way to open the quality of business! Before buying, please take some time to read the following Q & A, let the pro Reduce the chance of fraud Let kiss Buy a good light!

Dispensers Q & A

Q: Lynx, Taobao similar lamps on why the price difference?

A: Most businesses Not factory direct , The higher the cost, the price is high; Part of the business with poor quality materials, short-term business routes to ultra-low prices to seize the market, after a year or so Wangwang offline directly for shop business, aftermarket can not speak, the buyer was injured!

we: real Direct factory, product country 3c certification, excellent quality! 5 years old shop, to provide 3-year warranty (if not promised to be long and long clouds), reasonable price positioning, for the pro to do Good light!

Q: Why do not you sell so much?

A: part of the high sales, high scoring business (Here omitted 1 million words, are playing rogue! Pro who pay attention to screening!).

we: Lighting sales have been over 3 years, There are a lot of real evaluation and buyers Shaitu (Of course, there are bad evaluation of friends), welcome the eyes of the pro-eye to identify the reference.

Q: how to distinguish this light is good or bad?

A: one, Is it a thick stainless steel chassis? Iron plate, thin stainless steel cost difference 10% -20%, there are rust and installation deformation of the hidden dangers; two, Whether the light source footage? Cost difference 5% -8%, resulting in light source sparse and lack of brightness; three, Whether the drive is the industry manufacturers? Cost difference 5% -8%, poor quality affect the light source life; four, Whether the lamp is aging test? Whether the lamp is connected to the electric test? The labor cost difference is 5%, which leads to the aftermarket problem.

we: Using one stainless steel chassis, no rust, no deformation of the installation, the number of light watts enough, the brightness is enough, the industry manufacturers drive, lamp beads aging test, the whole light power test, 3 years warranty, after-sales worry!

Q: What is the guarantee to buy your lights?

A: pro, we promise: factory direct, 5 years old, product country 3c certification, no inferior materials, damaged free replacement, real 3-year warranty (3 years free replacement parts), 60 days returned (do not affect the second Sales), for the pro who escort! Welcome to the goods than the three!

Q: Is there a remote control? What is a three-color?

Three-color (that is, three-color intelligent dimming section) can be a separate bright white, yellow, natural light, you can also use remote control light source with darkness and brightness, White light, blue light, blue light, purple light, synchronized color light of these seven kinds of light effect, color changeable, suitable for young fashion family! (The same color, IPL can be fixed one of the color) Welcome to buy!

This lamp has White light section , New upgrade seven color models, three-color intelligent dimming section 3Configuration options:

1, white section: This section is the most affordable price! Light is a white led patch, No remote control , In the wall switch on the direct control switch lights, only white light a light effect.

2, the new upgrade seven color models : This section is the new version of the upgrade, light effect more! Light from the red and blue led lamp led + color led patch composed of two, With 2-way remote control , Through Remote control handle Can be bright alone red (Lamp beads light), blue (Lamp beads light), purple (Lamp beads light), Red and blue slow change (Lamp beads light), White light (Patch light), Yellow light (Patch bright), Natural light (Patch light) the seven kinds of light effect, a light 7 color , The effect is changing.

Instructions : Repeatedly press the remote control A button can be individually bright red, blue, purple light, red and blue slow light; repeated press the remote control B key can be a single bright patch of white, yellow, natural light.

3, three colors Intelligent dimming section : This section is the current popular high-tech configuration, three-color intelligent dimming color! Light source is a two-color led patch, With stepless dimming remote control , Can be left alone by remote control White, yellow, natural light , Patch light color can also be Between yellow and white light free to adjust , Brightness can also be Bright and clean between the adjustment , and also Night light mode , To facilitate the use of children and the elderly in the middle of the night, a sense of science and technology.

Special Note : (45 * 45cm color light slow + section + white 24W) configuration, color light slow change is led lamp beads forColorful variable light beads , The lamp will be lit after the red, blue, green three-color disorderly change, the formation of colorful effect, can not be fixed one of the light color, white 24 W is equipped with 24-watt white led patch, with sub- On the switch repeatedly by the realization of sub-section, not equipped with remote control.