Modern minimalist living room ceiling lamp led crystal lamp Rectangular bedroom restaurant lights intelligent remote lighting lamps

Modern minimalist living room ceiling lamp led crystal lamp Rectangular bedroom restaurant lights intelligent remote lighting lamps

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Ceiling light type: crystal ceiling lamp
  • Intelligence Type: Other
  • Shade auxiliary material: crystal
  • Lamp body auxiliary material: stainless steel
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • Brand: Yiyuan lighting
  • Model: 6830
  • Packing volume: 88 * 68 * 14cm
  • Gross weight: 10kg
  • Main body material: stainless steel
  • Color Classification: 42cm white light section of the simple 24-watt 42cm three-color simple paragraph 24-watt 45 * 45cm white section 24-watt 45 * 45cm IPL + white 24-watt 60 * 40cm white 36-watt 60 * 40cm new seven-color Remote control 60 * 40cm three-color intelligent dimming 36-watt + remote control 80 * 60cm white section 64-watt 80 * 60cm new upgrade seven-color 64-watt + remote 80 * 60cm three-color intelligent dimmer 64-watt + remote control 90 * 70cm white section 72 watts 90 * 70cm new seven-color models 72-watt + remote control 90 * 70cm three-color intelligent dimmer 72w + remote control 100 * 70cm white section 80w 100 * 70cm new upgrade seven-color 80w + 70cm three-color intelligent dimming section 80 watts + remote control
  • Lampshade Main material: Glass
  • Light source type: LED
  • Process: Electric punching
  • Number of light sources: 4 8 10 10 (inclusive) -15 (not included)
  • Irradiation area: 11.5㎡-30㎡
  • Whether the lamp with light: with light
  • Voltage: 111V ~ 240V (included)
  • Power: 61W (with) -70W (included)
  • Applicable space: living room restaurant study bedroom bedroom small sitting room small living room
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Shade shape: rectangular

one, Lamps available 3 years Warranty, 90 days No reason to be returned (does not affect the secondary sales), damaged free reissue, presented freight insurance services, detailed consultation customer service.

two, Lamp with a detailed installation steps Screenshots, installation steps Screenshots video, install worry-free, if not installed after purchase, please obtain from the customer service.

three, This section has a white light section, three-color smart light tone light section, seven-color light-free section of three configurations, three-color models and seven-color models with remote control, for good configuration, cost-effective, detailed information at the end of a detailed description.

This section has a light White section , New seven-color models, three-color dimming smart section 3Configuration Options:

1, white section: This section the most affordable price! Light source is white led patch, No remote control , In the wall switch on the direct control switch lights, only a white light effect.

2, the new seven-color models : This section is a new version of the upgrade, more light effect! Light source led by the red and blue led light led + color led patch composition, With 2-way segmented remote control , Through Remote control handle Can be bright red (Light bead bright), blue (Lamp beads bright), purple (Lamp beads bright), Red and blue slowly change (Lamp beads bright), White light (Patch bright) Yellow light (Patch bright) Natural light (Patch light) these seven kinds of light efficiency, a light 7 colors , The effect of changeable.

Instructions : Repeatedly press the remote control A button can be bright red, blue, purple light, red and blue slowly variable light; repeatedly press the remote control B key to separate bright white patch, yellow, natural light.

3, three-color Intelligent dimming section : This section is currently popular high-tech configuration can be three-color intelligent dimming color! Light source is the color led SMD, Promise with dimming remote control , Through the remote control can be a separate light White, yellow, natural light , Patch light color can also be in Yellow and white light between the free adjustment , Brightness can also be in Light and dark free adjustment , and also Night light mode , To facilitate children and the elderly get up in the middle of the night to use, full sense of science and technology.

Special Note : (45 * 45cm IPL + white +24 watt slowly change) configuration, IPL is the slow change is led lamp beadsColorful slow variable light beads , Light bead will turn red, blue and green three-color disorderly slow change, the formation of colorful effects, can not be fixed light of which a light color, white 24-watt is 24 watt white led patch, with sub-device, wall On the switch repeatedly according to the realization of sub-section, with no remote control.