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Small K-off control Mini K smart micro-socket home phone control WiFi remote control timing socket power switch

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: control off
  • Plug function: anti-leakage plug
  • Line length: 0
  • Applicable scenarios: meeting, office, media entertainment, students
  • Mini K + Mini pro Mini K + Mini pro

Mini K Features:

· remote control : able to pass 2G, 3G, 4GAnd other mobile phone network control socket, remote control, you can also control the US socket in the United States, the company can control the home socket.

· Timing function : Professional timing, you can set 32Group, you can cycle by days, even without a network can be implemented.

· Delay task : That is, the countdown, you can set how long after the open, how long after the customs, but also can set the number of cycles can be infinite loop.

· Charge protection : With the phone data cable connection, full of points to protect the battery power.

Mini PRO Features:

have Mini K All functions, than Mini K Infrared function, that is, you can learn infrared remote control appliances, in order to achieve remote control in the infrared home appliances, the use of more air conditioning, open air conditioning before returning home

Infrared remote control Function is to learn the air conditioning TV and other electrical remote control, which can be remotely controlled in the mobile phone air conditioning TV, you can open the air conditioning on the way home to adjust the temperature, home to cool breeze, summer is very useful!