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Rek pressure meter RK2670A pressure tester | pressure device | high-pressure instrument | high-pressure machine RK2670AM

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Merrick
  • Model: RK2670A
  • Product No .: RK2670A
  • AC / DC DC 10KV AC / DC 10KV AC / DC 10KV RK2672AM AC and DC 5KV AC and DC 5KV AC and DC 5KV AC and DC 5KV RK2671AM AC and DC DC 10KV RK2671 RK7150 'AC 0-5Kv Programmed voltage withstand test' RK7110 'AC 0-5KV Programmed voltage withstand test' RK7051 'AC 0.3-5Kv Programmed voltage withstand test' RK7120'AC 5KV DC 6KV Programmed voltage withstand test 'RK760' AC 5KV 'RK7112' AC - DC 5KV DC 6KV Programmable voltage withstand test 'RK2672CM' AC / DC 5KV 'RK2672DM' AC / DC 5KV 'RK2674A' AC and DC 20KV '
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works




Test voltage

0~ 5kV

0~ 5kV

Voltage resolution



Voltage accuracy


Leakage currentAC)

0-2 / 20mA

Current accuracy


Test time setting (seconds)

0~ 99Sec, manual control

Output Power


Transformer capacity


Display method

led Digital Display

Power requirements

200V±10%, 50HZ±5%

working environment

0℃~ 40℃, ≤85% RH


320 * 270 * 180 mm


8.5 kg