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MHL to HDMI car engine HD video data cable Andrews map car Samsung mobile phone connection TV

MHL to HDMI car engine HD video data cable Andrews map car Samsung mobile phone connection TV
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Product parameters:

  • Color category: 'MHL ordinary version' (for millet 2 / 2S / MX2 / glory 6 / 6Plus / Mate7, etc.) 'MHL Samsung Edition' for S3 / S4 / S5 / NOTE2 / NOTE3 / NOTE4 'General Edition' support MHL Can use the 'MHL Samsung dedicated upgrade' for S3 / S4 / S5 / NOTE2 / NOTE3 / NOTE4 'Universal upgrade' to support MHL can be used
  • Applicable to: TV
  • Interface Type: HDMI A Type
  • Length: 1.8 meters 4 meters
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

Version distinction:

MHL common type: Support in addition to Samsung models all support MHL protocol mobile phone (ie micro usb 5pin interface) .
Millet series: only support Millet 2 / millet 2S (Red rice series and millet 3, millet 4, millet 5, millet Note are not support MHL function, do not buy!)
Meizu series: Only supported MX2 (Charm blue series, MX3, MX4, MX4 Pro, MX5, MX6, MX6Pro are not support MHL function, can not be used, please do not buy!)
Huawei Series: support glory 6 / 6Plus, Mate7 (play series, Mate8not support MHL function, can not be used, please do not buy!)
MHL special type: Support Samsung (Samsung S2 need to use ordinary type) S3, S4, S5, NOTE2, NOTE3, NOTE4 (and Need to have MHL function on mobile phone , Do not know can contact customer service or Baidu search).
Support phone model:
NOTE: N7100 / N7105; (N7102 and N7108 are custom machines, not support MHL function, do not buy)
NOTE 3: N9009, N9008, N9006, N9002; (where N9008V, N9008S not support MHL function, do not buy)
GALAXY S3: I9300, I9308, I939;
GALAXY S4: I9500, I9508; (Of which 9502, i9508V is a custom machine, not support MHL function, do not buy)
Galaxy S5 series and Note4 series of all models support MHL;
MHL Universal:Supports all phones that support MHLTips: type-c interface phone does not support)

Note: support models please see description! Phone models are not all listed, if your model is not in the list can consult customer service to determine whether to support!

Using help:

1, the line of the HDMI plug plug in the TV, while the TV transferred to the HDMI plug that program source, such as inserted in the HDMI1, the TV input source should also be transferred to HDMI1;

2, the line of the USB interface connected to the charger, the charger power supply to 5V 1A or more, such as the current is not enough, may cause the phone can not output to HDMI, because this product is a converter, with a conversion chip, Take the power to allow the converter to work, the general charger can give the converter power supply at the same time to the phone power supply, after all, the phone has been working, but also more power, and some still play games or watch movies, so the vast majority Mobile phone in the use of MHL line connected to the TV, the phone power will not be much change, but does not rule out the loss of individual mobile phone power fast or can charge into the situation, the treasurer analysis this is the size of the charger or the phone itself, This is different because of the machine, the specific circumstances, customer service is no longer to judge, in short, can not give the phone charging problem, harmless, pro who do not have to be too serious, can take a TV to watch movies is important, you say it !!

3, the MICRO USB plug connected to your phone, the normal situation will show the TV, but some phones must restart the phone, or no HDMI output.

4, MHL line connected to the phone will appear above HDMI has been prompted, this information can flash, (some phones will not be displayed), the phone will show is charging.

5, support up to 1080I output!

6, some mobile phone ROM may not support MHL output, you can try to brush different versions of the ROM try.