Samsung Note3 / 2S4 S5 i9300 N7100 MHL to HDMI adapter cable phone connection TV HD

Samsung Note3 / 2S4 S5 i9300 N7100 MHL to HDMI adapter cable phone connection TV HD

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color Classification: For S3 / S4 / S5 / NOTE2 / NOTE3 / NOTE4
  • Interface Type: HDMI A Type
  • Length: 1.8 m 4 m
  • Service: shop three packs

Note: See the description of supported models Samsung model number is not listed all, if your model is not listed can be consulted to determine whether the customer support!!

Supported phone models:
NOTE2: N7100 / N7105; (N7102 and N7108 are custom machine, not support MHL function, do not purchase)
NOTE3: N9009, N9008, N9006, N9002; (wherein N9008V, N9008S not support MHL function, do not purchase)
GALAXY S3: I9300, I9308, I939;
GALAXY S4: I9500, I9508; (Of which 9502, i9508V It is custom machine, not support MHL function, do not purchase)
Galaxy S5 series Note4 series and all models support MHL;
Using help:

1, the present line of HDMI plug in on the TV while the TV program that is inserted transferred HDMI source, such as inserted in the HDMI1, TV input source should be transferred to HDMI1;

2, the line of the USB interface connected to the charger, power supply required 5V 1A above, such as the current is not enough, may cause the phone can not be output to HDMI, because this product is a converter with converter chip, from the need for additional charge take power converter to make the work of general charger can supply power to the converter while the power to the mobile phone, after all, the phone has been at work, but also more power, some are playing games or watching a movie of it, so the vast majority of after using the phone to connect the TV, the phone battery will not have changed much MHL line, but does not rule out individual phone's battery faster loss or can charge into the electricity situation, the treasurer of this analysis is the current size of the charger or reasons related to the phone itself, this will vary by machine, the specific circumstances, not to make a judgment call, in short, can not give mobile phone charging problem, harmless, parents who do not too seriously, can connect TV cinema is the most important, you say it!!!

3, the MICRO USB plug connected to your cell phone, normally there will be a TV show, but some phone must restart your phone, otherwise no HDMI output.

4, after the MHL cable connected, the phone will be on top of the connected HDMI prompted, this information can be fleeting, (part of the phone will not display) will be displayed on your phone is charging.

5, the perfect support 1080I output!

6, ROM Some phones may not support MHL output, you can brush attempts to try different versions of the ROM.

product description

Product Features:

1, compact adapter to your phone's video, picture output to an HDTV, monitor, projector playback.

2, Resolution: 1920x1080 / 60Hz full format Full HD

3, support for audio: 192KHz compatible with the latest standard 7.1-channel LPCM (linear pulse code modulation) surround sound and compressed audio

4, easy to operate, put your phone through an adapter, HDMI high-definition signal transmission line and the display device is connected, use the phone number According to wire

After the power to the system before normal use.

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