HUILANG official website | Check printer HL2009C new bank dedicated typewriter can print a variety of instruments

HUILANG official website | Check printer HL2009C new bank dedicated typewriter can print a variety of instruments

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Typewriter Brand: Wilion / HUILANG
  • Model: HL2009C

Hui Long HL-2009C intelligent automatic check printer
Support printing multiple bills
Single, dual-line mode
Professional check printing fast and accurate clear
Disposable print the complete ticket information
① Check Date; ② the payee;
③ amount; ④ password; ⑤ stub.
Model compact full-featured
Checks, money orders, checks endorsement, telegraphic transfer documents, credit vouchers, etc. Jinzhang Dan
Once printing is complete
Stand-alone operation
Full English keyboard, select a variety of input methods, since
Move calendar, fast printing today's date, and
You can change the time to print checks and other extension, Party
Then the user selects.
Blue LCD display, clear display for each function
Energy, nice, easy to operate.
Online Print
Support RS232 and USB interfaces, party
Then connect the computer to use.
Powerful online features, clear notes of each template
Display in the software easily check,
Endorsed the check, wire transfer certificate, Jinzhang Dan, etc.
Print Settings bills.
Print clear and precise refused defective ballots
Show results
Use HUILANG HL-2009C printer check check, position accuracy, print clear, consistent
Bank norms, bid farewell to refund bank troubles, improve your work efficiency.
HUILANG check Printer Driver Installation Guide
Step one: Drivers Downloads
Corresponding drivers can be found in the random device comes with CD
Or enter HUILANG official website Download Center:
Depending on your purchased machine model
Download drivers
If you need to interface conversion
You can download the corresponding drive completion
5800 and 5800B driver only supports XP and WIN7 (32 Wei compatible) systems;
WIN7 32-bit system version of the driver applied to a serial port interface computer;
2009C, 2010C, 730K and 830K driver support for XP, WIN7 (64 Wei compatible),
WIN8, WIN10 operating system.
Step two: driver installation
Be careful not to install the software on the C drive during installation, change the path for installation.
Please note change the installation path, do not install the C drive!
Step 3: Use Software
After the installation is complete, the two software on the computer screen, according to the needs of use.
If you check the printer using the USB interface with a computer link
As 2010C and 830K, using U port series software printing operation
If you check the printer and computer using a serial link
As 2009C and 730K, using the serial printing operation Series Software