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First Methodist | iPhone6s 6 Apple phone shell silicone transparent ultra-thin soft ipone new 4.7 M drop resistance sets

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Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: tpu
  • Style: Case
  • Color: [transparent] 4.7 inch (upgrade section) with transparent powder dust plugs [4.7 inch] (upgrade section) through gray with dust plug [4.7 inch] (upgrade section) with transparent gold dust plug [4.7-inch] (upgrade section) with the transparent dust plug [4.7 inch] (classic) no powder dust plugs [through] 4.7-inch (classic) no dust plug
  • Style: Simple
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6
  • Brand: First Methodist
  • Model: Apple 6 / 6S phone shell silicone transparent iPhone6 ‚Äč‚Äčname new ultra-thin housing I6S