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TPLINK TL-H18E Single | HyFi Wireless Power Cat | Power Cat Extender | To be used with H18R

TPLINK TL-H18E Single | HyFi Wireless Power Cat | Power Cat Extender | To be used with H18R
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: TP-Link / General Link Technology TL-H ...
  • Brand: TP-Link / 普联 技术
  • Model: TL-H18E
  • Package Type: Standard
  • Color Classification: Natural
  • Transmission speed: 200Mbps

1. What is HyFi Smart Wireless?

A: HyFi (Hybrid Wi-Fi) refers to the same product using both 'wired' and 'wireless' two technologies to 'wired' as the trunk, 'wireless' as an extension of the product line stability and reliability And wireless mobile convenience, the realization of the family and other areas of wireless full coverage.Intelligent refers to the 'HyFi intelligent wireless router' as the network control center, real-time automatic discovery and configuration, management network all HyFi smart wireless extender, without human intervention , To achieve intelligent home network.

2. How are the TL-H18R and TL-H18E registered?

answer: In the case of power-on, Put the two devices on the same row of plug, and then tap the bottom of the TL-H18R fuselage Config button, and then observe the two devices are turned on the light to complete the registration, registration TL-H18E Of the home even if the other locations, no additional configuration; If the TL-H18E Extender is added later, use the same method. (Note: Now the TL-H18E Extender is an upgraded version, with the old version is different from the upgraded version of the expander is not registered button, but the two can be used together)

3. Do you need to press the Config / Reset button again after the device is powered off / on again?

A: No. After successful registration, TL-H18R will automatically remember the TL-H18E information has been registered, even if the power does not need to re-register, you can freely plug.

4.TL-H18R and ordinary wireless router What is the difference?

A: TL-H18R directly connected to broadband, with the general function of the wireless router, its configuration and use of the same general wireless router. But it and HyFi smart wireless expander TL-H18E through the entity between the power line transmission of data, The effect of obstruction, transmission effect comparable to the line, effectively avoiding the distance, obstacles, interference caused by weak Wi-Fi signal, performance instability and other issues in the home wireless coverage network, more than ordinary wireless bridge Stable and high speed.Through TL-H18E can automatically and automatically extend the TL-H18E wireless signal, eliminating the need for cumbersome operation, is to form the perfect home wireless roaming network solution.

Under the normal usage environment, the total access capacity of a HyFi intelligent wireless network (including computers, notebooks, mobile phones, PAD, etc.) is less than 25, and the number of wireless access hosts is less than 10.

5.HyFi product's default management address is how much?

A: The default management address of TL-H18R is TL-H18E default management address is However, when TL-H18E is registered with TL-H18R, TL-H18R will automatically assign IP address to TL-H18E , Then you can TL-H18R management interface to see the list of expanders TL-H18E in the network's specific IP address.

6.HyFi products can be used alone?

A: TL-H18R can be used as a single LAN wireless router, TL-H18E must be used with HyFi smart wireless router TL-H18R can be used normally.

7.HyFi products can be mixed with other power line adapter?

A: TL-H18R, TL-H18E power line transmission using HomePlug AV standard, can be used with our power line adapter TL-PA200, TL-PA201, TL-PA500, TL-PA501, but by manually set the device The method for the same private network name is paired up.

8.HyFi smart wireless router and expander range is how much?

A: After the equipment registration, TL-H18R / TL-H18E data transmission along the power line, the same meter under the power line environment, the theoretical distance of up to 300 meters to meet the general family environment.

9. Wireless coverage is not good, how to expand the wireless network through HyFi Wireless Extender TL-H18E? A HyFi intelligent wireless router can support up to several HyFi smart wireless expander?

A: If your wireless environment is large, one HyFi Smart Wireless Router TL-H18R and one HyFi Smart Wireless Extender TL-18E can not achieve the desired coverage. In the same power environment, you can add TL- H18E to expand the wireless network. 1 TL-H18R can be used with seven TL-H18E.For example, single-family villa floor, broadband access location to connect a TL-H18R, different floors in different rooms to choose the appropriate location to place multiple TL-H18E, to achieve the full coverage of the entire villa, no matter go to any location of the villa, has a stable wireless network.

10. After registering with the Config / Reset button, do you need to modify the configuration of TL-H18E if you modify the radio parameters of TL-H18R?

A: No. The wireless parameters (wireless SSID, encryption mode, etc.) of the HyFi Smart Wireless Router TL-H18R will automatically push the wireless configuration to the registered wireless expander TL-H18E, TL during the save reboot process -H18E itself is unable to set the wireless-related parameters.

11. Is the registered TL-H18E also registered with other TL-H18Rs?

TL-H18E belongs to the TL-H18R slave device, if you replace the TL-H18R, you need to re-register between devices.

12. Using HyFi equipment in the power line transmission of data, will be household appliances interference?

A: The use of home appliances on the power line adapter basically no effect, but the card, charger, air switch power adapter may be a greater impact on data transmission, in use, try to plug the power line adapter device plugged in the wall, and near Avoid using the charger within the distance, power adapter and other equipment.

13.HiFi equipment supports IPTV line?

A: HyFi smart wireless devices are mainly used for sharing the Internet and wireless signal stable coverage, in the IPTV line can not replace the original equipment while sharing Internet access and watching IPTV.