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IKBC 2108S rainbow cap PBT | BLUELOVER 108/104/87 / KAI Cool | mechanical keyboard keycap

IKBC 2108S rainbow cap PBT | BLUELOVER 108/104/87 / KAI Cool | mechanical keyboard keycap
Product code: 40621900030
Unit price 31.82-35.02$
Sold quantity 859
Available stock 1079

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: KEYCOOL / Kay cool engraved rainbow key ...
  • Brand: KEYCOOL / Kay cool
  • Model: engraved rainbow key cap
  • Package Type: Official Standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color classification: Valentine '104 key' is / side engraved blue demon 108 is the side engraved blue demon 104 is the side of the carved rainbow key cap 'engraved 108 key' + gift bag Valentine '87 key 'is / Rainbow keycap 'side engraved 108 key' + pack pack blue bans 87 is the side engraved rainbow keycap 'side carved 104 key' + gift pack frost blue '104 key' engraved / side engraved frost blue '108 key' Engraved on the side of the Valentine 's Day' + '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ' Cap 'side engraved 87 key' + packs
  • Whether to support plug and play: not supported
  • Connection: Wired
  • Is there a multimedia function key: None
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: do not support



This section for the mechanical keyboard dedicated keycap does not include the keyboard Oh, pro
No moment because the keycap is no font so called no moment.
Engraved for the keycap font in the front so called engraved.
Side engraved because the keycap font in the side so called side engraved.

Note: If the keyboard input is not too familiar with the pro, do not choose not Oh
From now on, the purchase of pro who can receive a keycap storage box, clean brush and other gifts and other gifts yo
Do not know whether the support of their own keyboard, please consult customer service. Not support all the mechanical keyboard
This product can be perfectly compatible with most of the OEM machine keyboard.
NOPPOO FILCO magic duck Kay cool kbc XT104 perfect for
Rainbow PBT keycap:
Image for the magic duck KBT108 G104 2087S keyboard display effect This link does not contain the keyboard
This paragraph PBT keycap font for the laser laser carving (non-two-color molding), but it will not appear out of the word please the big Amoy friends rest assured to buy, dyeing process for the infection. Non-toxic non-phosphor production process, Causing damage, and the other infiltration of keycap individual will appear small flaws. Late will not appear fade of the situation.

PBT Blue Devil

PBT frost side engraved

PBT Valentine 's Day

PBT Wizard of Oz
`What is PBT?

Poly Terephthalic acid Butanediol Ester, English name polybutylece terephthalate (referred to as PBT ), Belonging to the polyester series, is made of 1,4-butylene glycol (1.4-Butylene glycol) and terephthalic acid (PTA ) Or terephthalate (DMT ) Poly condensation, and through the mixing process made of milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline Thermoplastic Polyester resin, together with PET, is collectively referred to as a thermoplastic polyester, or a saturated polyester.

Physical and chemical properties of PBT

PBT is milky white translucent to opaque, crystalline thermoplastic polyester Heat resistance , Toughness, fatigue resistance, self-lubricating, low coefficient of friction, Weatherability , Water absorption Low, only 0.1%, in a humid environment still maintain a variety of physical properties (including electrical properties), electrical insulation, but the volume resistance, Dielectric loss Large, hot water, alkali, acids, oil, but vulnerable to halogenated hydrocarbon erosion, poor hydrolysis resistance, low temperature can quickly crystallization, good shape. Impact strength Low, forming Shrinkage Therefore, most of the use of glass fiber reinforced or inorganic fill modified, its Tensile Strength , Bending strength Can be more than doubled, Heat distortion temperature But also a substantial increase in 140 ℃ can be long-term work, glass fiber reinforced products vertical and horizontal shrinkage is inconsistent, easy to make products warp.

PBT processing technology

PBT can also be called thermoplastic polyester plastic, for the use of different processors, the general number of additives will be added, or mixed with other plastics, with the addition of different proportions, can produce different specifications of the product.Because PBT has heat Nature, good weather resistance, chemical resistance, good electrical characteristics, good water absorption, good gloss, widely used in electronic appliances, auto parts, machinery, household goods, etc., and PBT products and PPE , PC, POM, PA, etc. are known as the five general use Engineering plastics.
PBT crystallization speed, the most suitable for processing methodsInjection molding , There are other ways to squeeze, Blow molding , Coating and a variety of secondary processing molding, pre-drying before forming, moisture content should be reduced to 0.02%.
PBT injection molding process characteristics and process parameters set:
PBT polymerization process is mature, low cost, easy molding. Unmodified PBT performance is poor, the actual application of PBT to be modified, which, glass fiber reinforced modified grades accounted for more than 70% of PBT.

Process characteristics of PBT

PBT has a significant melting point, the melting point of 225 ~ 235 ℃, is a crystalline material, the crystallinity of up to 40%.
The viscosity of PBT melt is less affected by temperature than that of shear stress. Therefore, the effect of injection pressure on PBT melt flow is obvious in injection molding.
PBT in the molten state of good mobility, low viscosity, second only to nylon, easy to occur in the casting 'casting' phenomenon.
PBT molded products Anisotropy PBT is easy to degrade at high temperatures.