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PY-300B | Waterproof metal detection security door | 4-side door light | 6-position factory inspection door

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  • Brand: Pin Wei An
  • Model: PY-300B

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Pianwei flagship store New Year's Day promotion, the sale of security doors are 3-year warranty, buy a hand-held detector sent to welcome customers procurement consulting, telephone: 13710015439

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One, single-zone door with lights 1650 yuan

Second, Six zone door with lamppost Call the police 2380 yuan


Fourth, high-sensitivity luxury 3800 yuan


1. Six districts are security doors to people when passing from feet to legs unit , Waist, chest, shoulder, head to the human body divided into 6 different locations, through which parts of the metal contraband, then in the corresponding Location Alarm. Single-zone door is not divided location; six-door accuracy is higher, more versatile;

2.This product It is also suitable for entertainment venues such as bars, KTV nightclubs, etc. It is also suitable for various venues, large-scale exhibitions, stations, airports, public security and other departments, factories, examination rooms, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, etc. Detection of mobile phones, knives and metal products and other electronic products .

3. Security door installation is very simple, 8 screws, 2 sets of plug-in! Unpack, a good left and right, open the computer cover, the door around the two groups of wires into the host corresponding jacks stand up to connect the power to use .