Roobeen Apple 5s glass film | Apple 5 steel membrane | iphonese 4-inch phone protection film

Roobeen Apple 5s glass film | Apple 5 steel membrane | iphonese 4-inch phone protection film

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Roobeen
  • Model: Apple 5 film
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Foil Features: Auto Repair anti-reflective anti-fingerprint HD
  • Foil type: Before the film
  • Color Classification: [] an upgraded version of the ultra-thin 0.2mm arc edge glass film high permeability membrane send an upgraded version] [arc 2.5D arc edge glass film (Polished feel good) [version] frosted steel membrane (anti-efficient fingerprint) to send a high permeability membrane [New Releases] [non-flexible nano-proof membrane film glass eye version]] [[steel arc edge film anti-fatigue anti- blue] to send a high permeability membrane [classic] straight edge steel membrane (feel a little worse) Buy two get one, submitted three together, received two money, beat 2 do not, do not beat this
  • For brand: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5

You kiss, you need to please Apple 4 / 4S following image link Yo

1, the tempered glass foil using AKR glass, 9H hardness standards, Only scratch but no toughness, after bending will lead foil broken, please do not bend after you receive the goods so as to avoid damage (man-made damage can not provide product warranty), explosion-proof foil does not mean that the film will not be broken in this paragraph, just after the fragmentation produced free of debris Will not damage (similar to the automobile front windshield explosion effect) on the phone screen and body
2, inside the product package for use in the product manual for the factory unified printing, the instructions will be prompted to tear ② number from the film described, Because of the special nature of steel foil, steel foil ② positive number from the film without protection, so only ① number from the film, just tear ① from the film to number.

Tempered glass film five effects:

A strong scratch resistant, wear-resistant
Second, anti-bubble, anti-bacterial, anti-glare, radiation
Third, the high sensitivity touch
Fourth, the picture is clear, highlighting the three-dimensional, improve visual effects
Fifth, the prolonged use of eye fatigue, better protection of eyesight simple and easy to use, can not afford bubbles. Picture transmittance up to 98% can prevent the electron wave effects on human health do not affect the mobile phone sets and other mobile phone parts. this product is a steel-static glass film. his strength is nine times that of ordinary glass. can effectively prevent damage to the touch screen.

(This film is more expensive, it is recommended to look at the online pro 'positioning paste' own video and then posted their own stickers to avoid bad. Pro Please be sure to carefully study video tutorials to clean the screen and then use the localization glass paste film)
OUR OUR irresponsible statement posted bad, thank you understand!
Many buyers say that they have posted bubble, in fact, is not posted, less likely, the glass film if there is no dust spots that no bubbles appear.
Steel film belongs disposable products, first check whether the problem before the film itself is a good fit (to light, reflective examination clearly) paste, paste the screen once said that there does not deal with all problems, thank you!