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Roobeen Apple 5s tempered glass film | Apple 5 tempered film | iphonese phone 4 inch protective film

Roobeen Apple 5s tempered glass film | Apple 5 tempered film | iphonese phone 4 inch protective film
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Roobeen
  • Model: Apple 5 film
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film Features: Automatic repair anti-reflective anti-fingerprint high-definition
  • Film type: the former membrane
  • Color Category: 'Standard Edition * HD' arc * send <手机支架>* Shoot 2 hair 3 'enhanced version * anti-fingerprint' arc * sent <手机支架>* Shoot 2 hair 3 'eye version * anti-blue light' arc * send <手机支架>* Shoot 2 hair 3 'to thin * upgrade' 0.2 thin * tempered glass film edge * sent <手机支架>* Shoot 2 hair 3 'frosted version of steel film' * very smooth game sent <手机支架>* Take 2 shots and 3 shots
  • Applicable brands: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5


1, the tempered glass film with AKR glass material, 9H hardness standards, (Man-made damage can not provide product warranty), explosion-proof film does not mean that this film will not be broken, the film will not be damaged, the film will not be damaged, Only after the fragmentation without debris , Will not cause damage to the phone screen and the human body (similar to the car before the windshield explosion effect)
2, the product packaging used within the product specification for the manufacturers of unified printing, the manual will be prompted to tear off the ② release film description, but Because of the special nature of the steel film, steel foil film positive no need to ② from the type of film protection, so only ① from the type of film, just tear ① ① release film can be.

Strengthen the glass film five effects:

First, strong anti-scratch, wear
Second, anti-bubble, anti-bacterial, anti-glare, radiation
Third, high sensitivity touch
Fourth, the picture is clear, highlight the three-dimensional sense, improve visual effects
5, long-term use of the eye is not easy fatigue, better protection of vision easy to use simple, can not afford bubbles. Transparency of up to 98% screen. This product is tempered glass film. His strength is 9 times the normal glass. Can effectively prevent the touch screen damage.

(This film is more expensive, it is recommended pro online look at the 'positioning stickers' video and then their own stickers to avoid their own bad. Pro please carefully study the video tutorial must clean up the screen and then use the positioning method posted tempered glass film http: / / V.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDM2MzE1Mzcy.html?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c)
OUR statement posted bad shop irresponsible, thank you understanding!
Many buyers say they have posted bubbles, in fact, there is no past, not too, the glass film if there is no dust spots, it is no bubbles.
Tempered film is a one-time product, paste the film before the first check whether the problem itself (on the light, reflective check clearly) paste, once affixed to the screen that are not dealt with the problem, thank you!