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Bottle nipples | iphone5s phone shell Apple 5 / 5s protective sleeve | cartoon | silicone mobile phone sets

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Product parameters:

  • Cover texture: soft
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: 5 / 5S [pink] 5 / 5S [blue] 5 / 5S [Rose] 5 / 5S [white] 5 / 5S [purple]
  • Style: South Korea
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s
  • Brand: Creator
  • Model: Apple 5S phone shell bottle

All-round protection.

Adorable baby bottle

--- Distribution lanyard Oh super personality ---

Applicable Model: iPhone5 / 5s

you get what you pay for,

Cottage bottle has a low price, keep their eyes open Oh

The following are the 5S lock screen button tutorial

Positive bottle holding a cell phone, Wang Youce push from the left nipple head on it, a little bit of effort you can look inside the bottle, where there is a power button power button column, push the right nipple, bottle inside column will be under pressure, the column will withstand the power button, so that you can switch up.