Mo Fan Apple iphone6 ​​steel membrane glass plus phone ip6 HD 6s six i6-proof protection film 6P

Mo Fan Apple iphone6 ​​steel membrane glass plus phone ip6 HD 6s six i6-proof protection film 6P

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mofi / Mo Fan
  • Model: Apple iphone6
  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Film Features: HD anti-fingerprint
  • Foil type: Before the film
  • Color Classification: This non-full-frame steel film full-screen, full-screen 4.7-inch non-i6 / i6S [Standard Edition] HD film √2.5D steel arc edge 4.7-inch i6 / i6S [enhanced version] galvanized steel membrane √ anti-!!!! fingerprint 4.7 inch i6 / i6S [eye version] anti-blue steel membrane √ protect vision 4.7 inch i6 / i6S [luxury models] anti-blue plated steel membrane √ anti-fingerprint √ eye 5.5 inch 6P / 6SP [standard Edition] HD steel film √2.5D arc edge 5.5-inch 6P / 6SP [enhanced version] galvanized steel anti-fingerprint film √ 5.5 inch 6P / 6SP [version] anti-blue eye film √2.5D steel arc edge 5.5-inch 6P / 6SP [Deluxe Edition] anti-blue plated steel anti-fingerprint film √ √ eye
  • For brand: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone6 ​​plus

(1) Q: I took two or more sheets of the same steel membrane, sending several shell?

A: pro, an order to shoot the same film two or more sheets, only to send a shell plus a gift.

(2) Q: I took a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch film, sending several shell sets gift?

A: pro, an order to shoot multiple different types of film, film model by default each shell with a cell phone, only to send another set of gifts.

(3) Q: dispensers, I do not want gifts in one, I would like to replace shell okay?

A: pro Sorry, we're giving away the shell It does not support the exchange.

This full-screen

Membrane width of parents who contact customer service requirements must be consulted about.



There are some customers on the reaction side of the white glass membrane iphone6 ​​problem will appear when posted machine because Apple screen has produced a number of suppliers, not exactly the same size cause, that the same piece of film in a different machine iphone6 will appear on some perfect fit, there are some white border issues, this situation is mainly caused by 2.5d Apple screen design, Note4 not completely fit the problem is more serious, i6 a little luck, this situation can not be avoided, but also please parents who understand!

Mofi / Mo glass membrane

[Applicable models] Apple iphone6 ​​4.7 inch / iphone6Plus 5.5 inch