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Iphone6 ​​tempered glass film 4.7 | Apple 6plus full-screen mobile phone film explosion | full coverage 5.5 arc edge

Iphone6 ​​tempered glass film 4.7 | Apple 6plus full-screen mobile phone film explosion | full coverage 5.5 arc edge
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: OSGEER / Oscar
  • Model: Apple 6 tempered glass film
  • Material: tempered glass
  • Film Features: HD
  • Film type: the former membrane
  • Color Category: Apple 6 4.7 inch full-screen gold apple 6 4.7 inch full-screen white apple 6 5.5-inch full-screen gold apple 6 5.5 inch full-screen black apple 6 5.5-inch full-screen white apple 6 4.7-inch full-screen black
  • Applicable brands: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone6 ​​plus

Iphone6 ​​/ 6plus full coverage of tempered glass film

This is the use of good raw materials, glass is Japan's imports of Asahi Glass, transmittance of 99%. Appropriate into the Asahi Glass material, so that the surface as bright as the new. We do a good curvature of the treatment, there will be no Alice phenomenon.

Dispensers own test, with so many kinds of film, this is the whole coverage to do more perfect a tempered film. Smart pro try to try it, our home is the wholesale price, the quality of lodging cat! Welcome to the wholesale customer consultation The

Iphone6 ​​/ 6 plus full-screen coated tempered glass film shelf, large favorably welcome wholesale!

In-kind shooting:

★ -What is the difference between the price of the tempered glass film?
the first , Glass

Glass is divided into (imported glass) and (domestic glass)

The thickness of the imported glass currently has only two specifications 0.3mm Japan's Asahi Glass Glass and 0.2mm Germany Schott glass (high-end products). Low-end is the domestic glass thickness is 0.4mm. Our products are used in Japan Asahi Glass. There are some products in order to save costs and use 0.4mm Domestic glass is thinned to 0.3even 0.2The glass is cheap, but the hardness, toughness and light transmittance are worse than the imported glass

second , AB glue
AB The role of glue is to glue glass and mobile phone screen together

The current use of tempered glass protective film AB There are many lotions.
domestic AB Glue varieties are very messy, cheap, but the thickness of thick, light transmission is very poor, poor exhaust effect is easy to produce bubbles, the use of a period of time may lead to degumming some of the column scrapped.
Imported rubber mainly in Japan NIPPA (Nepal) and Toyo Rock Valley. Their characteristics have their own advantages, but the overall effect is very good. Our steel film is all used in Japan Nipa gum.

third , Steel time
The difference between tannery is mainly time. The steelizing process is the need for preheating +High temperature steel +Natural cooling.Then the length of time is directly related to the hardness and toughness of tempered glass protective film.The longer the time, the stronger the hardness and toughness, and it is better to withstand the impact of the protection of the mobile phone screen when subjected to the violent impact.
Good tempered glass protective film broken after the end of the very small, and a layer of explosion-proof, will not fall off scratch your fingers.

Taobao now appears on a lot of cheap tempered film,
There are some selling 9.9 yuan 包邮,
That kind of product even the basic steel process are omitted,
As a tempered glass protective film, talk about what protection?
We can not guarantee that you buy the product must be very cheap,
But we assure you that at the same price,
You bought a good glass film!
Because you are out of every penny is our trust!