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Car Neidiao Crystal Apple car perfume seat car with perfume creative vehicle Decoration supplies

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Product parameters:

  • Perfume Category: Seat Perfume
  • Brand: McLaren
  • Model: explosion section of the apple
  • Colorful: white + financial resources into the large white + sailing + white + + to the success of large white + Guanyin Bodhisattva white + Buddha Buddha white + roses love white + Lucky cat white + grand custom photo shoot here
  • Fragrance: floral notes
  • Aroma: Lemon flavor rose jasmine lavender other
  • Net content: 5mL (including) -10mL (including)
  • Material: Crystal
  • Shape: Other

(Lantern) Check the lantern whether there is a problem.In order to avoid damage to the lantern, we carefully packaging, After the receipt of the goods in the Apple has a switch (There is a small button to move the lantern, the back is a metal cover can be opened to replace the electronic. If you have questions please contact customer service will send you a new lantern.

3. Use a syringe to inject perfume into the hole in the perfume base.Perfume are randomly assigned to distribute the scent of the relatively light, mind please carefully shot)

Buy one get six : Perfume replenisher 2. Anti-slip paste 3. Syringe 4. Anti-skid pad 5. Electrostatic paste 6. Gift box

Tips : Lights equipped with electronic models, do not need to re-install, unplug the power can be re-installed after the electronic