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Iphone6 ​​mobile phone case | iphone6s mobile phone case | Apple 6plus

Iphone6 ​​mobile phone case | iphone6s mobile phone case | Apple 6plus
Product code: 40111300030
Unit price 4.31-5.7$
Sold quantity 11400
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Product parameters:

  • Protective cover Texture: Resin
  • Style: protective shell
  • Porsche white 4.7 inch Porsche Black 4.7 inch Porsche Rose 4.7 inch Porsche Golden 4.7 inch Porsche 5.5 inch white Lamborghini green 4.7 inch (6 / 6S models) Porsche 5.5 inch gold Porsche 5.5 inch black Porsche 5.5 inch rose red Lamborghini models, (6P / 6SP) Lamborghini 5.5-inch (6P / 6SP) Lamborghini 5.5-inch (6P / 6SP) Information Name: Lamborghini 5.5-inch (6P / 6SP) (6 / 6S models) Lamborghini orange 4.7 inch (6 / 6S models) Lamborghini red 4.7 inch (6 / 6S models) Lamborghini yellow 4.7 inch (6 / 6S) 6 / 6S models) Lamborghini black 4.7 inch (6 / 6S models)
  • Style: Europe and the United States
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6
  • Brand: PIZU
  • Model: LO6

Lamborghini original model phone shell, currently supports: iphone 6 6s / iphone6plus 6s plus four models

Note: need to buy iphone 6s Plus5.5 inch, please click the map below

The following is the new Porsche

Note: Please be sure to follow the installation steps on the back of the phone installed the first mobile phone into the left and then the overall pressure down, take the time to remember the phone is from the lower right corner to break apart, in accordance with this method is very easy to install, Please do not understand, please consult customer service on the stent of the problem, please be sure to remember a little harder to push down and then up to break out of the bracket, the same time to press into the bracket is also forced to push down and then press the inside, Customer service is a little effort sister, can easily open the bracket, I believe you must have no problem.):