Tide car shell iphone6 ​​phone bai | car bai | housing | iphone6s phone sets | Apple 6plus

Tide car shell iphone6 ​​phone bai | car bai | housing | iphone6s phone sets | Apple 6plus

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Case material: Resin
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: Porsche white 4.7-inch (6S paragraph) Porsche Black 4.7-inch (6S paragraph) Porsche Rose 4.7 inch (6S paragraph) Porsche Gold 4.7 inch (6S paragraph) Porsche 5.5 inch white Lamborghini Green 4.7-inch Porsche 5.5-inch golden Porsche 5.5 inch black Porsche 5.5-inch red rose this link has two models: Lamborghini models, the Porsche models, press the color, size, photographed Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) white Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) black Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) yellow Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) orange Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) green Lamborghini 5.5 inch (6P / 6SP) red Lamborghini white 4.7-inch Lamborghini orange 4.7 inch Lamborghini burgundy 4.7 inch Lamborghini yellow 4.7 inch Lamborghini black 4.7 inch
  • Style: Europe
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6
  • Brand: PIZU
  • Model: LO6

Lamborghini models original phone shell, currently supports: iphone 6 6s / iphone6plus 6s plus four models

iphone 6S phone Porsche models is recommended to choose, do not choose the Lamborghini models

Note: need to buy iphone 6s Plus5.5 inch, click the following figure

Here is the new Porsche

New listing, the current purchase this product will send the value of 12.8 yuan noodles data cable, a random color.

Note: Be sure to first installed into the left side of the phone and then pushed down overall installed according to the step back of the phone, take the phone when we must remember to break apart from the lower right, according to this method is very easy to install, please parents who must Note that you do not understand, please consult customer service. stand on the issue be sure to remember to go down a little harder to push down on the stand broke out, the same way into the bracket by the time it was hard to push down into the press, customer sister is a little effort, can easily open the frame, you must believe there is no problem:)