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MOSBOiphone5s foil | Apple 5S phone membrane | Apple 5S before and after film | HD scrub protection film

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: MOSBO
  • Model: iphone5s
  • Material: pet
  • Foil Features: matte anti-fingerprint high-definition
  • Film type: before and after the film
  • Diamond film 'before + after' one of the eye film 'film' film 'diamond film' before + after 'three diamond film' before + after 'three imports of matte film' before + after 'three gold Front and rear 'one body 6' high-definition 'before the film' HD film 'before + after' three sections of frosted film 'before + after' one mirror 'front + rear' one soft explosion-proof membrane 'before +
  • Applicable brands: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5s

5 / 5S back paste one of the defects: Apple and iphone fonts are three-dimensional, as well as the upper and lower boundaries of the paste film will have bubbles, pro mind carefully shot Oh!

'3D film screen film is fine matte