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Ultra-beautiful red all-inclusive side of the acrylic iphone6sp lanyard soft shell Apple plus hanging neck phone shell silicone

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Product parameters:

  • Protector texture: silicone
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color classification: 6 / 6s 'four seven seven' rose red leopard to send leather rope 6p / 6sp 'five five' rose red leopard to send leather rope 6p / 6sp 'five five' rose red FUCK to send leather rope 6 / 6s '74' Rose FUCK to send leather rope
  • Style: cartoon
  • Applicable to mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iPhone6
  • Brand: K. CASE
  • Model: iPhone6 ​​all-inclusive acrylic lanyard soft shell leopard

'All-inclusive shells'

Material: Acrylic soft back cover + matte silicone full package soft side

Ultra-soft acrylic all-inclusive soft shell, coupled with high quality pu leather lanyard

Imports of environmentally friendly silicone, no smell.

Hardware accessories can be easily removed to install, solid workmanship, do not worry about the phone shell slip Oh!

Lanyard and phone case can be opened to use

Summer liberation hands, with clothes are the best choice

Edge upgrade to 'Soft silicone material 'Back cover for'Acrylic soft shell ', Lanyard hole is also soft Oh!

Very few acrylic soft lanyard style, ultra-clear picture printing technology, great experience ~ ~

The most important thing is that the color of the frosted silica side, how long will not appear yellow phenomenon la la la!

Model: iPhone6 ​​/ 6s small screen 4.7 inch, 6plus / 6splus large screen 5.5 inch, 5 and 5s

Customer service MM love to burst O (∩ _ ∩) O ha ha ~

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