IPhone 5C | Iphone5c card case | Translucent shell painted iPhone5C cases

IPhone 5C | Iphone5c card case | Translucent shell painted iPhone5C cases

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Plastic
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: Egg sticks diamond crown 5C 5C 5C Tinker Bell sticks sticks sticks light green lace cute cat 5C 5C 5C doll sticks sticks sticks mint chrysanthemum mysterious leopard 5C 5C 5C striae striae rainbow horse Baby Bear happy deer 5C 5C striae striae striae small floral lace cravat 5C 5C 5C striae striae stars you black baby elephant cage 5C striae striae bustling blossoming swimming 5C 5C 5C striae striae little cloud of lace rose Swan 5C 5C twin sticks sticks sticks Peony pink lace 5C 5C 5C striae striae striped rose wind 5C palace sticks
  • Style: Luxury
  • Applicable phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5C
  • Brand: Stne / Rolling Stone
  • Model: iPhone5C transparent sticks

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Korea Striae Painted phone case Scratch Wear

Unique painting process, pattern Colorful personality! Striae feel, thinner and more fit!
Floral glass, glass technology, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, feel good, significant high-grade!

Product Name: STNE Genuine Apple phone shell painted sticks iPhone5C Transparent money (Hard shell)

Material: Germany Bayer PC material + imported high-end imported ink painting equipment (Odor-free environment)

Applicable models: Apple iPhone5C

>> Unique painting process, design a variety of styles, let your love machine unique style

>> Bayer uses high-end PC (thin crust), imports of refined imported ink painting equipment, high abrasion resistance, washable, delicate appearance, feel warm and comfortable, and highly addictive

>> Real machine mold fit is very good, with a full range of perfect protection from external damage so that

>> Super hole design, each hole is a very accurate fit, operation is very convenient

>> Whether visual or tactile, can let your love machine like fireflies in the dark like a sharp outstanding