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Taiwan Progoy Pro'skit MT-1280-C Digital | Digital Multimeter | Multimeter |

Taiwan Progoy Pro'skit MT-1280-C Digital | Digital Multimeter | Multimeter |
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Product parameters:

  • Item: MT-1280
  • Color classification: green
  • Decoration and construction content: installation works
  • Work: digital display
  • Accuracy: three and a half
  • Brand: Pro 'skit / Po workers
  • Model: mt-1280

MT-1280 3 1/2 digital meter, with capacitance. Temperature test
  • In line with the new CE CATIII 1000V certification, 1 meter anti-fall protection.
  • Streamlined shape, special protection soft cover design, protect the LCD panel.
  • LCD display: 58 * 38mm large LCD, 3 1/2 digits, reading 1999, with backlight function.
  • With automatic recovery fuse protection, anti-mis-test.
  • With: metal anti-jamming mask, automatic shutdown, short-circuit buzzer, short-circuit lighting instructions, battery low pressure instructions, protection of shock ... and other functions.
  • Measurement range: DC voltage 1000V, AC voltage 750V, DC current 20A, AC current 20A, resistance 20MΩ, capacitance 200μF, temperature 1,000 ° C, the diode, the transistor.
  • Accessories are equipped with CATIII certified carbon rod and temperature probe.