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HDWORLD Apple 5c mobile phone shell iphone5c mobile phone sets cartoon protective sleeve silicone frame drop new

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Product parameters:

  • Protection of the texture: silicone + plastic
  • Style: protective shell
  • Color Classification: 5c small devil black shell 5c bow red shell 5c green pattern shirt green shell 5c leopard hat rose shell 5c bear shell 5c green pattern shirt black shell 5c leopard hat black shell 5c powder skirt powder shell 5c wave point Powder shell 5c star mint shell 5c Minnie shell 5c butterfly shell 5c butterfly shell 5c antler blue shell 5c strap blue shell 5c wand purple shell 5c glasses green shell 5c cat yellow shell 5c Mickey black shell 5c bag yellow shell 5c red Clothing yellow shell 5c rabbit white shell 5c angel white shell
  • Style: cartoon
  • For mobile phone models: Apple / Apple
  • Model: iphone5C
  • Brand: HDWORLD
  • Model Number: 3265