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Aluminum Projector Hanger Projector Hanger Universal Retractable Wall Pendant Projector Ceiling Luxurious Silver

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: into Seoul

Product number:

Suitable for:

Diagonal distance of 30.5CM

Bearing range:

13.6 kg

Horizontal rotation angle:

Up to 360 °

Vertical rotation:

45 degree

Single product weight:

Gross weight: 2 kg


Multi-function adjustment, power supply alignment device UL Listed, GS / TUV Certified

Wall hanging ceiling can be said to be a good solution, and this shelf can be added more than 1 meter 3 telescopic rod plus 60 yuan plus

New renderings timely upload to everyone, so that reference!

The Bracket can adapt to a variety of projectors, and can achieve different angles universal rotation, the scope of application is very wide

This projector shelf exports to Europe and the United States market promotion of domestic good quality!

Function strong appearance of fashion products through environmental certification